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   Chapter 534 They Finally Met

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Zac snorted. This was called check erroneous ideas at the outset.

He could see that his mother-in-law was still trying to break up the couple. She wanted to make a match between Essie and Hanson and drive him away as the real son-in-law. Essie had always been obedient to his mother-in-law. She might compromise one day. He would never allow such a possibility to happen.

"Listen, Essie. You are my woman. Don't have any other fantasies in your mind for the rest of your life."

Essie took a deep breath. She remembered clearly that she had been monopolized by him all her life. How could she have any other illusions?

"It's late. Go to bed." She closed her eyes and decided to play dumb.

But how could he let her go? He lowered his head and kissed her hard.

The second day, early in the morning, they went to the airport. Lady Rose and her daughter Irene came from Provence.

"Mrs. Rose, miss Irene, welcome to Dragon City." Said Essie enthusiastically.

"I'm glad to see you again." Lady Rose said with a smile.

It was the first time for Irene to arrive in the East. She was very excited. Sitting in the car, she looked around with her big eyes.

"Dragon city is much more prosperous than I thought. It's just like Paris."

"Dragon city is one of the financial center in the world, and also the economic capital of our country. It is as prosperous as Paris or New York." Said Essie proudly.

"I must have a good time here." Irene said with a smile.

Essie had booked a presidential suite in the Intercontinental Hotel for them. She hoped that their trip in Dragon City would be a happy one and their cooperation would go smoothly.

For Lady Rose, this trip was not only for cooperation, but also for seeing Zac's mother, who looked exactly like her.

Zac booked a VIP room in the Scenery Sea Food Restaurant and made an appointment with his mother. He didn't mention Lady Rose in front of Mary before and wanted to surprise her.

Because her son had an appointment with her, Mary came early. She drank tea alone in the box and waited.

Zac and Lady Rose arrived at seven o'clock on time.

When the door of the box was pushed open, Mary turned her head slightly. At a casual glance, her beautiful face suddenly turned as white as paper, and her whole body trembled violently. She knocked over the cup on the tea table by accident, and the amber tea fell down, dyed the white jade flowers on the carpet red.

"Who are you?" She jumped up from the chair with her eyes wide open, as if she had seen a ghost.

Zac didn't expect his mother's expression to be so exaggerated, much more shocked than he had imagined.

Lady Rose was also surprised, because she looked more like herself than expected, but she was not as scared as Mary. After all, she had been mentally prepared.

The waiter cleaned up the table and brought another cup of tea. Mary seemed to be still in shock, her hand holding the cup still was trembling slightly. After taking

e about the price at all. The red wine in Rose Manor could meet their needs.

Mary didn't say anything more, but she was very angry. The delicious dishes on the table tasted bad.

As soon as she left the restaurant, she called her assistant and asked her to investigate the real background of Lady Rose.

Soon, the assistant responded.

In the Rong Mansion.

The light sun shone through the emerald branches and flowers, coming in from the huge ring-shaped floor to ceiling window, and dyed the luxurious silk gauze curtain red.

The shattered shadow of flowers swayed on the curtain. Sometimes it was alienated, sometimes thick, sometimes clear, and sometimes hazy, like unpredictable slides.

Mary stood in front of the window, holding the background information of Lady Rose, lost in thought.

She didn't find anything special in the information, but that face was too similar to her. It was terrible! Her heart was still fluttering with fear, as if she had seen a ghost coming out of the ground.

Did she come back to take revenge on her?

No, she was dead. There was no soul, no ghosts, no ghosts in this world!

She shook her head hard and threw the horrible shadow out of her mind.

The wind blew from the woods.

The window gauze fluttered.

The leaves of the fragrans swayed in disorder.

In a trance, she seemed to see the shadow hiding among the dense leaves, looking at her with the most malicious eyes.

That shadow was not an illusion, but hidden in her memory.

She knew.

It overlapped Lady Rose unconsciously.

Was there a third person in the world who looked exactly like them?

How could it be possible? Unless her mother gave birth to triplets, not twins.

The more she thought about it, the more frightened she became. What worried her most was that this little bitch Essie would secretly plan a terrible plot to deal with her mother-in-law.

She couldn't let her scheme succeed. She had to find out who this Lady Rose was!

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