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   Chapter 533 Rivals In Love

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After resting in the hospital for a few days, Elizabeth was discharged from the hospital.

Vicki would go to the temple to burn incense and worship Buddha every month on the first and fifteen days of the lunar month. Elizabeth was weak and insisted on accompanying Vicki. She was good at playing the card of bitterness.

She knew very well that Vicki was her ultimate backer. As long as she coaxed Vicki well, she was not afraid that Baron would not compromise.

There were many people coming to worship the Buddha in the temple. After Vicki finished her worship, she just walked out of the temple. A strange man rushed out from nowhere, with a gun in his hand. He pointed the gun at Vicki without saying anything.

The pilgrims in the temple thought he was holding a toy gun, so they didn't care. When they heard a gunshot, they realized it was a real gun.

"Mom, watch out!" Elizabeth rushed up desperately to protect Vicki and then fell to the ground.

Seeing her lying in the blood, Vicki was frightened and shouted, "help! Help!"

The bodyguards quickly surrounded, two of whom went to chase the murderer, and the rest called an ambulance to send Elizabeth to the hospital.

Vicki was deeply touched by Elizabeth's action. She felt grateful that her daughter-in-law had saved her life, and Baron was grateful that she had saved his mother. So he didn't mention the divorce anymore.

Essie knew that things would turn out like this. It was Elizabeth who made up and acted as a shield. It was not the first time that she had done such a thing.

The most pathetic part was the gun player. He thought he could live a carefree life with the money, but he didn't expect to be crushed to death by a big truck on the way to escape. It was estimated that the truck was deliberately arranged by Elizabeth. Elizabeth had always been cruel and merciless. She wouldn't blink her eyes when killing people to keep her secrets.

Now there were two more people in the Xu Group. The first one was Alice. If she wanted to come back to work, of course Baron wouldn't refuse. Although he would be on guard, he could let her do something unimportant. The second person was Valery. As the second daughter of the Xu family, no one could object to her entering the Xu Group.

Essie had a vague feeling that after Baron woke up, the Xu Group's crisis would not be solved, but would get worse. Besides, she couldn't cut off the branches and leaves as generously as before.

In the villa of Phoenix Road, Hanson came, because Lucy asked him to have dinner at home.

Mili and Dot were very happy to see him. "Daddy Hanson, we miss you so much. You should come to see us often." Mili put her arms around his neck and stroked his face. She was really worried that her daddy Hanson would abandon them after her mommy and daddy made up.

Hanson lovingly kissed her red face and said, "you are my favorite babies. I will often come to see you."

Dot sighed and said, "if only we were the members of the Mosou."

"Yes." Mili took ov

hree year old child.

"I'll lock you up when I get back. I will let you out when you follow my orders."

"Daddy, you are wrong. You should respect my decision. You can't control my will just because you are my daddy." Mili protested angrily.

After a long silence, Dot said slowly, "sister, don't you remember that daddy is the devil? The devil will never allow anyone to disobey him."

"That's good." Zac didn't care what he meant.

Mili pouted her two cheeks angrily. "Daddy Hanson is the best. He has never been so arbitrary."

Her words added fuel to the fire, which made Zac angrier. It was completely a challenge to his majesty as a father. "I will lock you up for a month, and deduct all the pocket money."

"Great devil king, dictator, tyrant!" With arms akimbo, Mili glared at him and tried her best to resist.

Noticing that the atmosphere in the car was getting more and more tense, Essie hurried out to be the peacemaker.

"Zac, be patient with your children. They have their own ideas. You should respect them."

Zac stretched out his big hand and flicked her forehead hard. If she hadn't run away with his children, he would not have missed so many important moments with them. Now his status wouldn't be so low. He should be on an equal footing with an outsider.

Therefore, he decided that if these two villains dared to provoke him again in the future, he would directly take her as the chief culprit.

Feeling wronged, Essie raised her hand to cover her red forehead. The big devil's possessiveness was so strong that he not only had to control her, but also the children. It was really a headache.

After returning to the Blue Coast, Zac carried her on his shoulder and threw her on the bed after Mili and Dot fell asleep.

"Did you have a good dinner today?" He pinched her chin. She couldn't escape. She had to be interrogated honestly.

Knowing that he was just being possessive, Essie replied in a low voice, "Hanson and I are just friends now. Don't think too much."

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