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   Chapter 532 Escape From The Madhouse

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Essie took out the birth certificate of Loren.

Elizabeth glanced at it and sneered, "it's just a fake. You asked someone to fake it in order to frame me. I have nothing to do with Loren." She was not nervous at all. Their partner had sent a hacker to invade the system of the Hospital Sainte-Marie and the American government, and deleted all the information about Loren. There was no such person in the world.

"Aunt Elizabeth, even if you hide Loren and delete all his files, you can't deny his existence, unless you have the ability to make everyone who knows him lose his memory." Said Essie coldly.

A malicious and cold light flashed through Elizabeth's eyes. "It's true that Loren is the illegitimate son of Bles, but it has nothing to do with me. I am the hostess of the Xu family. How can I be with Bles? Isn't this self-destruction? "

"If you and uncle Bles unite to take over the Xu Group and let your illegitimate child ascend the throne, your future will not be ruined." Said Essie unhurriedly.

"Essie, I know you hate me. You always think that I have destroyed the marriage between your mother and Baron, so you have been hating me in your heart. You have tried every means to take revenge on me and drive me out of the Xu family. But don't you think it's too childish for you to frame me? I love Baron so much that I won't do anything to hurt him even if I die. " Elizabeth said firmly.

"Enough!" Baron growled, "I told you that I would divorce you even without this. I have made up my mind and no one can change it."

When Elizabeth heard this, she immediately let out a sigh of relief, like a pile of mud lying on the sofa. She had been scheming for so many years to get the property of the Xu family, but she did not expect that she would fall into the hands of a girl who had been driven out by her before.

It was all God's fault that Essie escaped from death for several times. Otherwise, the Xu Group would have been hers.

Alice didn't say anything. She just winked at Elizabeth to calm her down. Since they had formed an alliance, she would definitely help her. She hadn't completely failed, and there was still a chance to turn the table.

Vinton sat there expressionlessly without saying a word. Anyway, his mother had been living in name for a long time, and it was the same whether they divorced or not.

Baron ignored Elizabeth and asked the children to have dinner.

With a filial look, Alice attentively picked up food for him. She hoped that Baron would come back and make her return to her previous position and become the second top leader of the Xu Group.

However, it seemed that Baron didn't want to put her in an important position. Instead, he discussed with Zac and asked Essie to stay to help him and continue to be the president.

Shrugging his shoulders, Zac said indifferently, "she'll make her own decision. I'll support her unconditionally."

"That's good." Baron nodded and turned to look at Essie. "Cathy, I'm old and can't do many things. You have to stay and help me."

Hearing this, Alice wa

uld escape one day, she would never let her go. She would pay back ten times what she had suffered.

The door of the ward suddenly opened and a doctor came in. He was wearing a mask and Leila couldn't see his face clearly.

Leila thought that she was going to receive electric shock treatment again, so she curled up in fear. "I'm fine. I'm fine. Don't torture me anymore."

"Don't worry. I'm not here to treat you. I'm here to let you go." The doctor's eyes flashed with a strange light.

Leila was shocked and asked in disbelief, "you... Who are you? "

"The only person who can save you." The doctor said in a low voice.

Leila opened her eyes wide and didn't want to ask any more. As long as she could escape from here, she was willing to do anything.

"Let me go, let me go." She said one after another.

"The people on duty outside have been sent away by me. Someone will pick you up at the door." The doctor said.

Without saying anything, Leila jumped up and ran outside, fearing that he would change his mind and lock her up again.

Looking at her receding figure, the doctor, hiding behind the mask, raised the corners of his mouth with an extremely cold smile. He took out a bottle of alcohol, poured it into the room and threw a lighter on it.

With a muffled sound, a fierce fire rushed up.

He sneered and closed the door.

At this time, everyone in the madman's house was immersed in sleep, and no one noticed this terrible scene.

On the early morning of the second day, Zac received a call. The madhouse was on fire and many patients died, including Leila.

He snorted, and an extremely cold light flashed through his eyes.

Death was too easy for this woman.

Essie got the news later. Although Leila had done a lot of things that she hated, she didn't want to kill her. She always had goodwill in her heart, even for her enemy.

What she hated most was not that Leila took away Zac in dirty means, but that she wanted to hurt Dot, which crossed her bottom line.

So she couldn't forgive her.

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