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   Chapter 484 A Mask Of Mother In Law

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"You remember me clearly. It seems that you are very interested in my business." Zac's handsome face approached. His warm breath gently spread over her face, as if indirectly flirting her.

Her face was flushed. "I... I have a good memory. "

"No, I didn't see it." His beautiful thick eyebrows slightly raised, with a hint of mockery in his tone. As far as he could remember, she seldom remembered his matters clearly. Otherwise, she would not have always disobeyed his order, which made him very angry.

Essie pouted. In his eyes, what she had done was silly. Of course, he wouldn't notice it.

"I just don't want to interrupt your honeymoon trip," she muttered. The bitter taste spread from the tip of her tongue to her internal organs. The thought that he and Leila were going to spend their honeymoon made her feel terrible.

"You won't affect us after I get everything done." A weird smile flitted across the corner of his mouth, which made Essie feel frightened. He looked mysterious, as if he had hidden some secret. No one could figure out what was on his mind.

It was time for lunch.

At the dinner table, Mary changed her usual cold face and wore an amiable, happy smile.

"I know that Essie likes spicy crabs, so I ordered the chef to cook them for her." She smiled.

"Thank you, auntie." Feeling flattered, Essie wondered what trick Mary was playing. It was not long after she had warned her fiercely in the morning, but she changed her attitude so soon. How weird that she could be so kind.

"I have thought it over carefully. Since our Rong family is a great one, we should get along with each other harmoniously. Since Essie has not been engaged to others, she is the granddaughter in law of the Rong family. If she gets on well with Leila in the future, taking care of Zac with her is also a good thing. As his mother, I can do nothing to stop him as long as he wants. I will be happy if he is happy," Mary said in a gentle voice, like a bead slowly swaying down the slope.

"It's good that you think so." The old lady nodded.

"Essie, here, have some crabs." Mary asked Essie to eat her favorite food. She served her with a piece of big crab meat.

"Thank you, auntie." Looking at her sweet smile, Essie somehow felt scared.

"Since you are still the granddaughter in law of the Rong family, you can just call me Mommy as before, if you call me auntie will treat me as an outsider." Mary smiled.

"Okay, Mommy." Essie acted docilely and obediently.

"I knew Mommy would come around. You are the most sensible," Zac said as he picked up a dove to his mother.

"You are my son. I do everything for your own good," Mary said with a smile.

"Essie and I will take good care of you," Zac said obsequiously. It could be said that his mother's hindrance was removed, which had solved a major obstacle in his heart.

But no one noticed the malicious and insidious behind her smile.

After coming out of the study, she forced herself to calm down and carefully analyzed the situation.

If she continued to deal with Essie with a tou

stress. He's just jealous and wanted to defend me. That's why he said that to irritate you. "

"You believe him?" Zac said as he raised his beautiful eyebrows.

"Yeah, it's so easy to doubt. It's impossible for brother to like me." Essie nodded hard.

There was a touch of sadness in Zac's eyes. He was worried about the IQ of this woman. Only a fool would believe what he said. He would never believe it. The reason why Walt said that was that he didn't want this muddled-headed girl to hide from him.

"You just believe whatever others say? Didn't you have any normal sense?"

Essie glared at him and said, "Do you think that if others have told you clearly that they don't like me, I should pretend to be pitiful and blindly believe that they are telling lies? Do I have to think wishfully that they like me?"

Zac's dark eyes rolled. What she said sounded reasonable. For emotional idiots like this little fool, there was no such a word as 'wishful thinking' in the world.

"No matter what, stay away from him." He stressed the rules, overbearing and rude.

She was born with a rebellious personality. Even if she had no strength to resist, she didn't want to obey the orders of the big ogre and tried every way to mess up with him.

"In fact, I really appreciate brother's sense of justice. A man like you who cheated on your wife should be dealt with."

"By which eye did you see I have an affair?" Zac frowned and his face was filled with anger.

"My eyes didn't see her, but my heart did," Essie accused him word by word. The conclusion could be made without seeing it with her own eyes. He and Leila kept in touch with each other, and even in the survival of their marriage, they never broke up.

Blazing anger flashed in Zac's eyes. With knitted eyebrows, he said, "You silly head. You can't think seriously. Yet, you are good at overthinking things."

"How could you divorce me and marry Leila if you didn't have an affair?" She sneered. The evidence was here, and no matter how he argued, she wouldn't believe a word.

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