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   Chapter 377 The Little Girl's Plan (Part Two)

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"Okay, I'll buy it for you as long as you tell me what are you talking about." Leila nodded.

Mili took her to a corner where nobody noticed. She covered her mouth with her little hand and lowered her voice, "Do you know that auntie Landis is pregnant with a little brother?"

'That is why I came here, ' Leila pouted as she thought.

"She said she would be my new mommy soon and Daddy would divorce you and marry her when my little brother was born," Mili added.

"She's daydreaming." Leila spat on the ground. She was so angry that she felt like her hair was going to get burnt.

"I said Daddy liked you very much and would never divorce you. But she said men are all the same. You are a flower of a wanton beauty and she is a fresh flower bud, sooner or later she will replace you." Mili said in a serious tone. And then she asked in a curious tone deliberately, "Aunt Leila, what does a wanton slut mean?"

Leila was furious, this shameless fox was so rampant, if she did not teach her a good lesson, she would not know her power!

"What else did she say?" she asked, gritting her teeth.

Mili scratched her head and pretended to be remembering something. "She also said something very complicated. She said something like she was an F cup. And you were the D cup. You were a little smaller than hers. The hand feel was not good." These were the lines that she heard from the TV. She did the same and asked, "Auntie Leila, what is F cup? What is D cup?"

Leila's face turned red, which was more horrible than pig liver. How dare she laugh at her small breasts? Hers were genuine. And who could tell if the


"I don't think so. As far as I'm concerned, if he can divorce once, he can do it twice." Landis was full of confidence. There was no unmovable man. There were only lazy mistresses.

"Don't think you are somebody just because you are pregnant. In the Rong family, a son out of wedlock means nothing." Leila's face turned blue and white. She really wanted to kick the home wrecker to death, but unfortunately she could not defeat her.

"After I become the wife of Zac, my child is not a bastard," Landis said casually.

You would have to pray that you could give birth to this baby! A cold light flashed through Leila's eyes. "Let's see who is more powerful." She stamped her feet angrily and turned around to leave.

She didn't leave. She looked around the scene and then looked at Essie.

Since the wimpy kid was here, she must be here, too.

She couldn't vent her anger so she took this woman as her punching bag. If she was in a bad situation. She couldn't let this woman live peacefully. If she wanted to make a fool of herself, she would die more miserably.

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