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   Chapter 373 Keep The Relationship In Secret

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In the CEO Office of Hengyuan Co., Ltd. Different roses would be sent in every day, but today there was a special bunch of purple hyacinth.

Its flower meaning was apology.

She took a look at the card and saw the words on it, which read, "I'm sorry for what happened yesterday. Please don't take my mommy's words to heart.".

It was from Walt.

In fact, she had been accustomed to Mary's sarcasm and oppression. She knew that she would definitely not have a better end than her mother if Mary hadn't cared about Zac.

Vicki was an arrogant and domineering lady, while Mary was a snake heart of a Buddha face. It was much more difficult to deal with Mary.

The feud between her and her mother could not be resolved, and the grudge between the previous generation was destined to affect the next generation. Even if there was no Leila, there was little hope for her and Zac to recover.

However, people were just so strange. They could control their bodies, but they couldn't control their hearts. They loved the people they shouldn't love. Although they knew that there would never be any result, they still loved the people they shouldn't love.

The relationship between she and Zac was like the positive and negative pole of a magnet. Once they got close to each other, they would be attracted together involuntarily. Nobody was able to separate from each other.

As soon as it was off duty, Walt came and invited her to have lunch with him which served as his sincerely apologized to her. He knew if he didn't do it himself, Essie wouldn't go to his apartment to change his gauze for him anymore.

"Brother, you don't have to feel sorry about it. I already forgot what happened yesterday," with a smile on her face, she said indifferently.

"Although you have divorced with Zac, we should not cut off our relationship. We should keep in touch more often," Walt said with a smile.

Essie nodded. She didn't want to lose a friend just because of outsiders' suspicion and gossip. It would make her feel guilty if she kept hiding.

She and Walt found a nice spicy food restaurant for lunch. Walt had a wider acceptance to food than his younger brother. He could eat all kinds of food, including sour, sweet and spicy food. He was indeed a man who had traveled around the world.

After lunch, they went back to the car. When Walt took off his coat, she was surprised to find blood on his shirt.

"Brother, is the wound on your back bleeding?"

"I just felt a little pain. It doesn't matter," In fact, the scab on his back, which was about to heal, was torn up by him intentionally. If the wound was healed, Essie would not come to see him again.

"It is bleeding. How can you say that it is okay? Go back to your apartment first. I'll change the gauze for you," Essie said in a hurry.

"Mommy have changed it for me. But she has never done the housework since she was a little girl. She probably could not do it well." Walt shook his head and sighed.

Essie returned a thin smile.

Born with a silver spoon in her mouth, Mary had been brought up in a wealthy and influential family since she was a child. It was natural for her not to do s

had said something wrong. She quickly said, "Brother, eating with chopsticks is very difficult. I've learned it for a long time at home. If you have to learn, and you must learn it much better than me."

It was normal that her brother was not a gifted kid. But he was smart in front of all the other ordinary children. She couldn't hurt her brother's self-esteem. Mommy had told him that she couldn't look down upon others just because she was smarter than others. Everyone had his own strong points and shortcomings.

Hearing what she said, Rabi's face was beaming again. "I will learn to eat with chopsticks too when I go back home."

Zac looked at them with a knowing smile. He knew that Mili was encouraging Rabi. She was very sensible. She was able to take care of others at such a young age and she cared about others' feelings.

Leila sat beside him, depressed. Since she got into the zoo, she had been disregarded and never paid any attention to by him. It was Essie's bastard who attracted the attention of Zac and Rabi. As a result, she had no way to seek a sense of existence.

"You have a sister now. Mommy and daddy will also give birth a little brother for you in the future, okay?" she said immediately when there was a moment of quiet.

"My brother has a younger brother. My brother Dot is my older brother's younger brother." Mili interrupted her.

"You and your brother are not related by his father. His daddy and I will have..." Leila wanted to mention to give him a biological brother, but she swallowed it on the tip of her tongue. She almost forgot that Rabi was not actually Zac's biological son.

Mili glared at her. She and the Dot were daddy's own kids. But she didn't want daddy to know that now.

Zac cast a sidelong glance at Leila with coldness in his eyes. "Leila, don't say that again." He didn't want to hear it.

Leila pouted. Did she said anything wrong? They were not his biological kids but bastards of Essie and another guy. This little girl was as shameless as her mother, and it was really annoying to recognize Zac as her father. That was really annoying.

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