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   Chapter 372 A Vicious Stepmother

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With a bright smile, he lifted his head and blew gently into her ears, teasing, "You little fool, your body is more honest than your heart."

"What do you mean?" She didn't open her eyes and just opened her lips slightly.

"You want me too."

His murmurs came out of his throat slowly, flowing in her ears like breathing, and a warm quiver spread through her skin, "I just want to sleep." She clenched her teeth. She was afraid that she might lose control of her tongue and said something inappropriate.

"You are such a woman of duplicity." His laughter was low and gentle, but like a volcano erupting with great energy. She immediately felt countless beams of magnetic energy falling on her body and gradually destroyed her emotional defense system.

If he came at her at this time, she would definitely not be able to resist at all. She could only raise her hands in surrender and let him assault her. But he didn't. He just gently held her in his arms, no further movements.

"You are the same," she murmured and buried her head into his arms.

The next morning, a rumor came out that Zac didn't come back last night. He went to see Landis at the hotel. Leila was on the verge of breaking down. She had made great efforts to get the position, how could she let a star ruin it? She could deal with Essie, how couldn't she deal with such a little star?

She hired a group of net users to attack Landis on major website such as post bar, microblog, Tianya forum.

Landis's fans gave a positive reply, making an epidemic battle on the Internet. In a short time, she surpassed Eva became the hottest topic in the entertainment circle.

Sitting on the sofa and holding her iPad, Mili laughed happily.

"Dot, look at this title. It's interesting. A third mistress met a fourth mistress. Isn't the karma coming too fast?"

"What a high standard title!" Dot thumbed up.

"Will that bad woman Leila be angry to get her lips distorted if she sees this?" Mili giggled.

"It doesn't matter. She was ugly anyway," Dot curdling said casually.

Mili took a look at the clock on the wall and found that it was already nine o'clock. Her father and brother would come to pick her up to the zoo. But she didn't dare to let her family know about it. She lied to them that she wanted to go to the film crew to watch how Eva dealt with the shooting.

With the protection of Pana and the bodyguards, Mr. and Mrs. Yi didn't think too much and allowed them to go out.

Zac's car was parked at an intersection in front of the villa, in case that Mr. and Mrs. Yi saw it. Mili got out of her car and sat in it. Pana and the bodyguards drove behind them.

There were two children's seats in the car. Rabi sat on it and looked at Mili curiously.

Mili sat in another chair and fastened her seat belt, refusing to be helped by Zac. She didn't like to be treated as a child. She was a gifted girl, so she was different from others.

lt? It's impolite to do so."

"Auntie, everyone knows that it is immoral to destroy others' marriage. But why did you do that?" Mili looked at her seriously, with a sharp light shone in her clear and pure eyes.

Leila was freaking out. She took a deep breath and tried her best to control her impulse to choke Mili to death. Zac had told her that if she couldn't be a stepmother, she would be divorced. Now Landis was in a fierce situation, she couldn't be wrong.

"Well, let's go inside. We came out for fun today and there are many small animals inside." As soon as she finished saying that, she was about to take Rabi's hand. Seeing that, Mili quickly pulled Rabi to her side and said, "Brother, let's go. Don't talk to bad women."

People turned their heads from time to time. Obviously, they were watched this show of a vicious stepmother.

"Few stepmothers are good. They may bully such little children in the future," a woman with a child said.

"What a shameless mistress!" An old lady spat on the ground.

Leila's face turned blue and white. If she had a megaphone in her hand, she would shouted to everyone that she was not a mistress. She just wanted to take back her beloved man. His wife should be her! And Essie was the mistress, Landis was also the mistress. They both should disappear from this world, or else they will hinder her happy marriage life.

"Come on in," Zac said coldly. He took the hands of both kids and walked towards the zoo.

Leila followed him closely, fearing to be ignored.

Mili had been pouted. She was in a bad mood because of that woman. He was weak in the fight with Leila, and her brother couldn't help her at all. If only Dot was here, he would help her deal with that shameless home wrecker.

When Leila looked at her, a sinister expression was hidden in her eyes. This little bastard was always against her and embarrassed her. If she seized the opportunity, she would definitely kill her.

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