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   Chapter 360 The Secret Was Discovered

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The smile on his face froze immediately. "I have an appointment at noon. Tell her to come back first."

The secretary went out.

Mili rolled her big black eyes around. The secretary just said that the woman must be daddy's new wife. Daddy didn't want to have dinner with her. That was great.

"Daddy, who are you going to have lunch with?"

"Let's eat together, okay?" Zac said with a smile.

"Okay, I'm hungry. I want to eat pizza," Mili laughed, her big eyes crinkling into a crescent shape.

"Let's eat pizza," He gave her a loving kiss, stood up with her in his arms, and went out with Pana.

Leila was still at the gate of the building. She didn't leave, because she wanted to know who went out for lunch with Zac. It was not easy for her to get the position of his wife, so she must watch out for her husband, and never let any tramp take advantage of it.

When the door of the elevator opened and she saw that Zac was holding Mili in his arms, she was taken aback. Who was the child? But when she saw they talking and laughing like father and daughter, she was even more surprised.

"Honey!" She shouted and rushed over to hold his arm, disregarding the eyes of the people around. She wanted everyone in the Emperor Group to know that she was the new wife of their president.

Mili quickly wrapped her arms around his neck and warned, "bitch, stay away from my daddy." Her voice was so loud that almost everyone in the hall could hear it.

Then, many people looked at Leila with disdain. Leila was embarrassed and angry. "Honey, whose child is this?"

"My daughter." Zac said clearly and slowly.

"When... When did you have a daughter? " Sharon was convulsed with fear.

"It's enough for you to know that I have a daughter. Don't care about anything else." Zac didn't plan to explain and went straight outside. Leila followed him closely. She had to figure it out.

Mili turned around and stared at her with dissatisfaction, "bitch, don't go with daddy and me. We are going to have lunch. You are so ugly, you will affect our appetite." She was born with a silver tongue.

Zac didn't say anything, which put Leila in an passive position to be beaten.

Even the cleaner near the door curled her lips. When Leila passed, she spat at her: "bah, you shameless bitch, bitch."

Her face was as red as a tomato because of rage. She was not the mistress. It was Essie who took advantage of this chance to step in between her and Zac and take him away. Now, she just took back her position.

As for this little girl, who knew where she came from? The more Leila looked at her, the more hateful she was!

Zac asked Pana to take Mili to the back seat. As soon as he opened the door of the driver's seat, Leila quickly rushed into the car from the other side and said, "I'll go with you."

"No wonder people always say that bitch is invincible. I didn't understand until now." Mili sighed, crossing her arms.

Zac glanced at her in th

g. There were many things that he didn't have to make clear to them. It would be better to tell them when they grew up.

Mili widened her eyes in shock. 'Oh my God! There is another child of daddy and mommy. Why have mommy never mentioned this before?'

"Does brother know mommy? "

"Yes." Zac nodded slightly. "Mommy will visit your brother when she is free."

"Okay." Mili lowered her head and responded in a low voice. It must be the first time that daddy and mommy had a quarrel and wanted to get a divorce. Brother was taken away by daddy from them. No wonder mommy said if daddy knew the existence of her and Dot, he would take them away and forbid them to live with mommy.

She must hide this little secret well and never let her dad know that they were his children. Otherwise, they would be like her poor brother, unable to see their mommy, and often had to face this hateful mistress and be bullied by her.

"Daddy, does brother have a Wechat or QQ account?"

Zac was stunned. "You even know how to play wechat?"

"I can type, read and surf the Internet." Mili raised her eyebrows smugly. "I want to have a chat with my brother on Wechat."

Zac smirked, "He is not a gifted boy. He has just begun learning the words and doesn't know how to use Wechat or QQ, but you can chat in voice." After a pause, Zac asked, "what's your Wechat account?"

Mili covered her mouth with her hands and whispered in his ear, "I can use mommy's."

"Really?" At first, Zac didn't care much about it. But when he saw the name Essie in the Wechat, he was shocked. He turned around and looked at Mili with astonishment. "Little guy, you were the person who talked about Wechat with me before, weren't you?" He said in a low voice because he didn't want Leila to hear it.

Mili made a face and stuck out her tongue at him.

He shook his head and couldn't help laughing. She was so smart.

Leila didn't know what they were whispering, but she was burning with anger.

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