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   Chapter 358 The Wedding Night

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"Well, sweetness is better than sharp tongues." Essie's long eyelashes fluttered, and she raised her glass and clinked it with him, "I heard that you've been doing business in Europe. How long are you planning to stay this time?"

"I won't go back for the moment. I heard that you are in danger, so I'll stay and protect you." Fell was ready to be her escort.

"Mr. Fell, as a bodyguard, you should take some actions," Eva said. There was no chance for the rich men because even if Essie divorced Zac, there is a Hanson who stand by Essie's side.

"I'm never good at arguing. I'm only playing boxing. If I catch that asshole, I'll cut him into pieces." Fell said angrily.

"Since you all want to pursue my sister, I'll give you a fair chance to compete." Vinton took a sip of champagne and pulled out his phone from his pocket. He opened a sketch, which was drawn by Essie according to her memory. "This is the bastard who attacked my sister that night. If any of you find him first, my sister will have a perfect date with him."

"Send the picture into Wechat group." Said Fell.

"He also has a special viper tattoo on his wrist. I can send it to you on Wechat. You are all nobodies in Dragon City. Shouldn't it be difficult to find him?" Said Vinton.

"As long as he's still in this country, I am sure to find him." Fell was full of confidence. He believed that he could find this bastard.

"Then my sister will wait for your good news." With a mischievous smile, Vinton winked at his sister, Essie.

Essie understood what she meant, but she didn't show it and took a sip of champagne in silence. Since these young men all admired her power, why not make use of their power? Without Zac, she could also cope with her enemies and keep the Xu's Group under her control.

"Zac, the party is so boring. I want to go back." Leila shook his arm and said like a spoiled child. All she was thinking about was tonight's wedding night with him.

But Zac was in fact not in the mood to talk to her. Right now, his mind was occupied with Essie. He could hear vaguely what they were talking about. How could the idiot find the murder in this way? Was she just like a sheep into a tiger's mouth?

"Zac --" Leila dragged her voice and said.

"You go first. I will leave after the party is over." Answered Zac, who was absent-minded. He would never rest assured. He had to see this dull woman in person in case that she would do something terrible again with a fever in her brain.

Leila felt extremely depressed. How could she let him stay here alone? What if he went to find Essie? She would never let them have any chance to get back togeth

light?" She took the glass, shook it and took a sip.

"I like to turn off the lights." He said casually.

"Okay." She lowered her head and blushed. "I'll listen to you."

In a dark room on the third floor, Zac sat at the window, gently swirling the wine in his hand.

It was late at night and it was very quiet outside the window. There was only a woman's scream coming from the room downstairs.

Considering that they had been friends for many years, he didn't want to treat her the same way as he did to Valery at the beginning. But when she tried to hit the wall, he had to let her do whatever she wanted.

There was a malicious and cold light flashing in his dark eyes. He looked up and drank up the wine in the glass.

In the morning, when Leila woke up, the pillow next to her was already empty, only leaving a note on the bedside table. It read, "I went to work and had a good time last night.".

They could stay together forever and ever after they had kids. They didn't need to worry about being interrupted by Essie.

Last night, Essie stayed in the room alone for a long time. Since she was discharged from the hospital, she went to sleep every day with tears. She slept badly and kept dreaming, in which there was the man who made her sad and resentful.

"Mommy, did you cry last night?" Mili reached out her small hand to stroke the tears on her face.

"No, Mommy didn't cry. It was a blow of wind and sand got into my eyes last night." Essie rubbed her swollen eyes again.

After she left, Mili acted like an adult. She crossed her arms over her chest and sighed, "you cried just now, but you refused to admit it. You must have been crying because of daddy. You have been crying in her bedroom since daddy married another woman. "

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