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   Chapter 357 a swarm of rivals in love

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In the evening party, Essie was the focus of people's attention. Once the news that she was single again came, all the nobles in the city were eager to chase her.

But she also knew that they not only wanted her, but also the Xu's Group behind her. If anyone could get her, he would have the half the power of Xu's Group. Besides, she was a breathtaking beauty. No man would refuse her.

Tonight, although she was going to attend the party together with Eva and Vinton, she didn't have a male companion. Since Bella had something urgent to deal with, Hanson couldn't make it. It was a good opportunity for the rich young men.

She was wearing a long dress embroidered with a Phoenix Nirvana, which seemed to be a sign of her rebirth. Her long hair was coiled up and she wore a lavender makeup, as if the dark night elf, mysterious and charming.

Zac saw her at the first sight. The memories of the past few days were rushing over him like the river, making him want to rush over and hold her tightly in his arms. But he couldn't. He tried his best to put up with it. He blacked out with anger and he didn't even hear what Leila said.

Essie also saw Zac. There was coldness in her eyes, which had been frozen from the bottom of her heart.

"Don't you want to say hello to your ex-wife?" Said Leila with a smirk on her face. She wanted to let others know that she had won the battle.

Zac didn't respond at all. It seemed that he didn't hear what she said at all. All his attention was paid to Essie. However, his steps were heavy. He dared not to take a step towards her. He was afraid that he would lose control. To his surprise, Essie walked up to him.

"Hello, my ex-husband!" She slowly spit out a word, and her tone was light, as if she didn't care about him any more, taking him as an insignificant passer-by.

His heart convulsed severely, and his mouth seemed to be full of Coptis. The extreme bitterness spread from the tip of the tongue to the internal organs, choking thousands of words.

"Everyone is in pairs. Don't you feel lonely to come here alone?" Leila's words were full of provocation. After that, she reached out and held his arm, declaring her sovereignty.

But Essie ignored her. She smiled and said, "I came here with my elder brother and my close friends. How could I be here alone?"

"Yes, you are right." Eva's voice came from behind. "Even without Vinton and me, there are still so many single men at the party. They are all scrambling to be our Essie's companion. How can she be lonely?"

"Is she so popular? Why didn't I find it?" Leila sneered impatiently. In her eyes, Essie had divorced before and she had two children.

"Only a fool will give up the girl from a noble family and marry a fake girl of no value and status." Eva made no secret of the irony in her words.

"You..." Leila's face was livid and pale with anger. A phoenix without feathers was not as good as a chicken. In the past, in her eyes, Essie w

continue." Walt interrupted the conversation when he saw Essie was surrounded by men. After saying that, he walked over.

Of course, Fell saw it as well. He was under a lot of pressure. "I'm done here. It's time to say hello to my sister. We have to get closer."

Zac didn't take his eyes off Essie. As he held the glass more tightly, the uncontrollable rage burned in his eyes. His eyes turned red. Jim patted his hand. Jim could tell that with a little more force, the glass would be smashed to pieces. "Don't worry. I will help you keep the situation steady." He bowed his head and whispered in his ear. Then he stood up.

Zac rolled his eyes and glanced at him. 'Do something right away and drive away the flies around my wife.' Zac said through his eyes.

Jim raised his eyebrows and said with eyes, 'only I can help you with this kind of thing.'

Zac cast a stern glance at him, 'acting is only allowed. If you do it for real on purpose, be careful not to be fired in the future.'

Even he had divorced Essie, he was too bossy to bully his ex-wife. Jim shook his head and signed.

Although she hadn't seen Vincent for eighteen years, she still recognized him at first sight.

The top sons of the four biggest families, Zac, Jim, Vinton, and Fell, each had their own merits. They were as brilliant as the sun and the moon, as handsome as a tree standing in the wind. All of them were charming.

As the president of the Appearance Association, Essie held a respectful attitude towards all beauties.

"It has been a long time, Fell."

"Cathy, you still remember me. That's great." A charming smile cracked on Fell's face, and he said, "people always say that girls change fast in age, and you are more and more beautiful, just like a fairy. I almost couldn't recognize you."

"Fell, you haven't changed at all. You always talk as sweetly as before." She smiled, revealing two lovely dimples on her cheeks.

"Is it good or not?" Said Fell with a smile.

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