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   Chapter 356 I Am Going To Break Up With You

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"You little fool, even if it is the end of the world, I won't leave you." Hanson stroked her head lovingly.

She forced a smile and wanted to smile at him, but it disappeared before it took shape. She was filled with too much haze to smile.

"Go to the lakeside villa with me, please. I want to pack my stuff back."

"Okay." Hanson nodded and started the car.

At the same time, Leila had just moved her luggage here and was about to ask Sage to help with packing. When she saw Essie come in, a flash of cold light flashed through her eyes. "Ann, from now on, if there are outsiders visiting here, please inform me in advance. Don't let anyone in." Now, she was the hostess of this villa, and without her permission, this woman was not allowed to come in again.

Ann said nothing and exited quietly. In her heart, Essie was the real hostess.

Essie knew that Leila was deliberately against her. She didn't say anything and just pretended to be arrogant and went upstairs in silence. The more uncomfortable she performed, the more complacent the other party would be. She would not let her succeed.

"Take away everything that you are supposed to take with you. Don't take anything that you are not supposed to take with you by mistake." Standing at the door of the room, Leila said maliciously.

"Shut up!" Hanson growled, thinking that such a woman deserved a good beating. If it is because he hadn't never beaten women, he would have beaten her up.

Leila didn't get angry, instead, she asked, "Hanson, those two kids are yours, aren't they?"

"So what?" Hanson frowned angrily.

Leila snorted. She knew that Essie was lying and that the child couldn't be adopted. "You have been a couple for three years in the United States, but once you came back, she entangled with her ex-husband and cuckolded you. Don't you get angry?" The expression on her face was full of ridicule.

"I don't think a bastard like Zac deserves you!" Hanson said with a sneer.

"We are a perfect match. Someone got involved shamelessly and ruined our relationship." Said Leila angrily.

"Then I wish you an eternity. Don't go and harm others again." After that, he went to help Essie pack up and left her alone.

Essie was so angry that she felt like a balloon was inflated, building up the internal organs of her whole body. After she put away the two boxes, she went out with Hanson. She didn't want to step further on this place, because that man would be completely formatted in her heart.

In William's luxury apartment, Zac was leaning against the sofa with a gloomy expression. He planned to live here temporarily.

"Ann called just now and said that Mrs. Essie had moved all the things away." "Are you really not going to tell her about the fake marriage?"

"I can't take the risk before she recovers." He took a sip bitterly.

"Women are impulsive. They will do anything when they were confused. Don't you worry that she will do something regretful?" Sitting next to him, William reminded kindly.

"Why did you say the same words with what Jim said?" That was exactly what he worried most.

idn't expect that it would get worse. His thought, body and heart belonged to Essie only, and rejected other women unconditionally.

"Well, I have a lot of things to do. You can go back first. I will pick you up in the evening."

Leila was in a bad mood. "I have something else to ask you. When do we going to have our wedding ceremony?"

"The day when Essie recovered." Zac said resolutely.

The corners of Leila's mouth twitched. A cold light flashed on her face. She took a deep breath and forced herself to calm down. The wedding ceremony was only a formality, and it didn't matter whether the ceremony was held or not. He and Essie hadn't held the wedding yet, and the most important thing for her now was to get pregnant as soon as possible. If they had a child, she would be able to trap him.

"Anyway, it will take at least half a year to prepare for the rich and powerful wedding. From now on, we can start to prepare. But when I am pregnant, we have to postpone our honeymoon."

Lying face to the window, Zac was annoyed to look at her. In the past, he thought that Valery was the most hateful person, but now he found that Leila was even more hateful than Valery.

"There is one thing you need to know. Our family and Qin family are incompatible like water and fire. According to the elders, if you want to marry me, you must break off the relationship with Qin family completely. We will never allow anyone related to the Qin family to be the hostess of our family. "

"That's impossible. After all, they are my foster parents. I can't break up with them." Leila's heart skipped a beat.

"You can choose to be my wife instead of the hostess of the Rong family if you don't want to." Said Zac in a deep voice.

"Then who will be the future hostess?" Leila asked immediately.

"Choose one from my sister-in-law or my cousin," Said Zac slowly.

"No way." Leila raised her voice and strongly opposed, "you're the boss of the Rong family, and I'm the only hostess. How can I leave it to others?"

"It's up to you," Said Zac with a sneer.

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