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   Chapter 353 The Attack

Mystery of Love By Orange Characters: 10208

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Essie seemed to have kicked by him into the ocean of ice. Instantly, all her internal organs and even pores turned cold.

He had never liked her before?

Her heart began to convulse violently in the cold. "You ward off the bullet for me," she muttered softly, with her voice as low as a mosquito's and no confidence in this matter.

"Does shielding off a bullet for you mean that she likes you? You are thinking too much! " He coldly curled his lips and gave a mocking smile. "It's just an instinct. After all, you are my wife. If you're dying, then wouldn't I become a widower? I don't like this word! "


The explanation was so cruel that it was like a raging fire, burning up all the hopes and vitality in her heart, leaving only the desolate and barren plain in despair, lifeless and hopeless.

His intelligence, his tricks, and even his affection, all overwhelmed her. She was always a loser in front of him, a loser.

However, she still wanted to keep a good image so as to restore her dignity. Therefore, she decided to stop loving him. She didn't love him any more.

She struggled to sit up, put on her clothes and walked outside. She didn't want to stay here anymore. She didn't want to see the man who had broken her heart again.

The instant the door was closed, Zac's eyes deepened, like the dark night outside the window.

It was late at night. Essie drove alone on the quiet road. This was the first time she had driven outside alone. She had bodyguards around her all the time. Only when she was with Zac would she remove them.

The road was quite remote with no pedestrians and vehicles. An inexplicable fear arose in her heart.

The South Ring Road was the only way to Alice's villa, and when the car stopped at the first crossing, a man in a black windbreaker rushed out from nowhere. 'Bang!' the man hit the head of the car and fell down to the ground.

She was frightened and slammed on the brake. But she didn't get off the car. Her first reaction was that someone had pretended to get hurt to blackmail her.

But when she saw the man did not move for a long time, she was afraid. What if she really hit someone?

After hesitating for a while, she opened the car door.

"Sir, are you okay?" She walked to the man's side and patted him gently. She would call the ambulance if he was seriously injured.

The man suddenly jumped up with something in his hand and suddenly stabbed at her arm.

She felt a sharp pain and kicked him in the crotch instinctively. When he covered the crotch, she ran into the car in a panic.

She locked the window of the car, fearing that the man would run to attack her. But when she looked outside again, the man had disappeared, like a ghost.

Without thinking too much, she stepped hard on the accelerator, and the car sped away...

The bell rang at midnight. The low and hoarse sound echoed in the quiet night. Zac sat up from the bed as if waking up from a dream. He put on his robe and went downstairs.

He thought Essie was downstairs, but it was empty.

He remained calm and said, "Leila, you should know that I have always treated you as my friend."

"But I love you. As long as I can be your wife, I can do anything. I don't care even if I will die." She rushed over and hugged him. She believed that as long as they were together for a long time, he would fall in love with her again.

A sudden gust of nausea swept over Zac. He had an urge to throw her out of the window. But he clenched his teeth, gritted his teeth, and suppressed his impulse. In the end, he only slowly loosened her grip on him.

She felt disappointed, but she was not in a hurry, because he would promise her.

She walked up to Essie and said, "My friend said that the virus in her body was from a guenon monkey from the Amazon jungle. It is called Matias Virus. If the person who is poisoned doesn't have the antidote injection within a week, the organs of the whole body will collapse. At that time, even God can't do anything helpful."

Clenching his fists, Zac was almost out of rage. The friendship between them had been trampled on by her. From now on, they were no longer friends!

"How do I know your antidote is effective?" he said through gritted teeth.

Leila took out a glass tube from her pocket and said, "I have a small bottle of sample here. You just need to go to the laboratory in the hospital and have a test, then you will know whether it works or not."

Zac called William and asked him to send the sample to the lab at once. A call came in quickly, saying that the sample was effective for the virus.

An indescribable deep look flashed across his face. "Okay, I promise you. But don't play tricks on me. If you dare to leave her with any sequela, I won't let you go."

Leila shouted, trembling violently. "Is she so important to you?"

'Yes, she was important to me, more important than anyone or anything!'

Zac said to himself determinedly. But he didn't say anything. The life of Essie was in her hands now. He couldn't piss her off, making her hateful towards Essie.

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