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   Chapter 349 Stay In The Mental Hospital

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Zac gazed at her as sunshine fell on his face through the branches. His bright face shone brightly, and his dark eyes were particularly deep and mysterious like an ancient pool with a thousand years of silence, which was too deep to see the bottom.

"You have forgotten me when we were kids, and I have forgotten who you are now. We are even now."

"It's impossible to call it even. Now it's much more important than before." She looked sad and depressed.

"So is my amnesia better than yours?" Zac said with a faint and intriguing smile at the corners of his mouth.

'Wow! He is so competitive.' Essie thought in her heart.

Essie didn't know whether she should laugh or cry. She said, "I lost to you, okay?"

With a smile of satisfaction on his face, Zac picked up the green tea on the table and drank it leisurely.

In the next few days, Essie went to Yang City with Hanson to visit Florey and Jobson. Then she went back to Jiang City. She didn't come back until the Lantern Festival was over.

After the new year, the entertainment circle was getting busy.

The news about Eva's affairs had arisen much discussion before daybreak.

It turned out that there were several indecent photos of Eva flirting with a rich businessman on yacht posted on the Internet. Soon, the indecent photos were reposted on the main page of that day.

Vinton was furious and shouted on Weibo, "which son of a bitch dare to frame my girl? "I will break your neck when you are caught by me!"

Eva sat on the sofa and kept drinking ice water to cool down her anger in case she smashed the computer out of anger: "what the fuck! Please find a sexy woman to make the Photoshop. This woman has neither breasts nor butt, which is insult to my figure."

"Rest assured. Holy is the boss of the Hacker Union. Once he is involved, he will find out the bastard." Essie patted her on the shoulder. Holy said, "I find him. He is in Dragon City."

"He's dead meat." Vinton stood up and was about to rush out with his men. But Eva stopped him and said, "wait a minute. I'll go with you." She jumped up from the sofa and decided to give the bastard a lesson in person.

"How dare you go out? There are so many paparazzi waiting outside to catch you." Essie turned around and grabbed her hand.

"I won't be recognized if I cover my face." After that, Eva put on her hat, sunglasses and mask in a perfect match.

Vinton's Bugatti was speeding on the street. He was afraid that if they drove there too late, the Internet hacker would run away. But the guy didn't expect to be found so soon. He was hiding in his rental house and counting the money.

With a loud bang, the door was kicked open.

The man was frightened to see a row of tall and strong men at the door. "What... What are you doing? "

"Did you upload this photos online?" Vinton suddenly grabbed his collar and lifted him up from the chair.

"I... I... I don't know what you are talking about. " The man trembled with fear.

Eva saw a file with her name on it and opened it. There were pictures of Photoshop and original pictures in it.

"What else do you have to say? How dare you

t typical violent depression. She is often sensitive, irritable, emotional and full of doubts all day long. Patients like her often have violent tendency, and have the motivation to commit suicide or kill someone. "

Vinton agreed with Mr. Li very much.

"What kind of treatment does she need?" He asked.

"Since she has started to have violent behavior, it means the situation is serious. I recommend to go to hospital for treatment. Otherwise, it will harm the safety of herself or others at any time." Dr. Li said to them.

Hearing this, Vinton said hastily, "let her stay here for a while and see how things are going."

Hearing that she was going to be sent to the mental hospital, Valery was totally frightened with her face totally pale. She then said, "give me the phone. I want to call mommy."

Essie cast a cold glance at her, and turned to Vinton, "we'd better keep it a secret from aunt Elizabeth for the time being. The reason why Valery was not be cured before was that Elizabeth was softhearted. We decided to let Valery live here for some time, and tell her when Valery gets better."

"Yes." Vinton nodded and picked up Valery's phone. He texted Elizabeth and told her that Valery was going to travel for relaxation in the name of Valery. Actually, Elizabeth didn't doubt it at all because Valery often did such things.

"Vinton, I don't want to be hospitalized. I'm not sick. I'm not sick. Take me home, okay?" said Valery, giving up the idea of forcing them to take her away.

"Sis, I'm for your own good. You can stay in the hospital for a few days. When you get better, I'll take you back." He took out a handkerchief and wanted to wipe her tears, but she bit his hand as soon as she looked up. With a snort, Vinton wanted to push her away. But he couldn't. As a revenge, she bit his arm with all her strength. She thought Vinton set a trap for her after he was bewitched by Essie.

But in the doctor's view, it was a typical insane behavior. "Hurry up! The patient's mood is out of control. Inject a sedative as soon as possible." Dr. Li immediately ordered.

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