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   Chapter 348 Evidence Of Your Affair

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He slightly swallowed, with a calm expression on his face. "Can't I do that?" He squinted his eyes, showing a bit of evil spirit.

Essie, like a firecracker, jumped up from the sofa with arms akimbo and glared at him. "You have an affair!"

As a malicious cold light fleeted past his eyes, he reached out and grabbed her wrist, gently pulled her into his arms. He held her waist with one hand and put the other hand on her chin. "Have you ever been cheating on me?" He looked at her coldly and indignantly, and the criticism from his eyes was like two sharp arrows, which stabbed her in the face.

But she didn't dodge his question. "No," she said frankly. She said firmly.

"Don't you cheat on me when you were in America?" He pinched his fingers slightly, and seemed to be sure that she was lying.

She wanted to shake her head and say no, but she failed.

Zac was in anger and breathed heavily. "I didn't see the two cats in the villa yesterday. Do you think you can fool me by hiding them?"

Essie shivered, and her face turned a little pale. Recently, he never mentioned anything about the children to her, and she was being offhand, thinking that she could hide it for a while. She didn't expect that he would talk about it today.

"They..." She stopped and didn't know what to say.

"That's the evidence of your affair!" He said with clenched teeth, a flame of fury burning in his eyes, almost burning her to death.

"You cheated me and made me think we were divorced. Now that I'm divorced, I'm free. It's none of your business that I can be with anyone." There was a hint of bitterness in her tone. She pressed her lips and added with a sneer, "in the last three years when I left, you were still with Leila. If you didn't have a hidden disease, your child would have been born, wouldn't it?"

A muscle on Zac's handsome face twitched slightly. He stood up and walked to the window. He opened the window in order to let the cold wind come in and calm down his anger.

He remained motionless for a long time, like a statue.

The room was deadly silent. His heavy breath and wind were intertwined in the air.

Her heart was bouncing wildly in her chest, and she wanted to tell him everything, but she couldn't. He wasn't not the person he used to be. It was unsure that if he would stand by her side, so she couldn't even protect herself. She couldn't lose the kids.

Not knowing how long it had passed, the voice of Zac was like cold knife tearing the dead silence in the air.

"Grandpa and grandma want a great grandson, you must give me a child this year." He was giving an order, looking at her from the window. There was no warmth in his eyes, and there was even a hint of disgust, as if she was a tool for giving birth, not a wife.

what? She was frightened, "well... At least after Mr. Baron wakes up. Now I am the target of the killers. If I'm pregnant, I'll be more likely to be killed. "

"Don't worry about them. I have solved their problems." He said it lightly as if he was talking about an insignificant sp

expression on his face. It seemed that he didn't care about it at all. He took a sip of tea and continued, "I just want to know your idol standard."

"I just said it casually. I don't have any requirements." Said Essie, waving her hand.

"No standard?" A cold glare was cast on his face. In a harsh tone, he said, "so, why am I unqualified?"

"You almost exceed my expectation, but there is one thing you don't meet my requirement." She explained cautiously.

"Which one?" While hearing these words, Essie believed that if she dared say something wrong again and she would not be able to leave the pavilion safe and sound, she could not help yelling, "you are... You need to be gentle and sunny, my idol must be kind to others. " She said sheepishly.

With a mocking smile, Zac said, "even if you want to be my fan, I won't accept it. You are too poor. Everything is lower than the standard."

"Is there any standard to be a fan?" Said Essie. He was such an arrogant man.

"There is for my fans. Not everybody can be my fans. You are unqualified." He smirked, making no secret of his wild and arrogant manner.

"I don't care. Anyway, I don't want to be your fan." She pursed her lips and talked to herself in a low voice. But as they were so close to each other, Zac easily heard what Essie said. A tinge of coldness flashed across his deep eyes. "Do you have self-knowledge?"

"Can I just shrink back from difficulties?" She was depressed so much. It was obvious that this guy hurt her on purpose by what she said to Walt before. She gave in and let him gain the upper hand and vent his anger. Otherwise, too much anger would burn her.

Zac snorted and said nothing. It seemed that he was magnanimous enough to forgive her once.

After a long silence, Essie said, "have you regained your memory these two days?"

Zac's dark eyes blinked, "No." He objected flatly.

"Okay." She looked down disappointedly, and her long eyelashes cast two deep shadows on her eyelids. She worried that he would never remember it.

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