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   Chapter 342 The Reshuffle

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Picking up the coffee on the table and taking a sip of it slowly, Eva opened her mouth and said, "Not really. The key is to see how he is changing."

With a sigh, Essie said, "Actually, your Vinton is a good boy. He is just spoiled by Elizabeth."

"What's wrong with her mother? She is totally ruining him, not spoiled him." Eva pouted, "I had talked to Vinton before. He said that his mother taught him how to enjoy and play when he was young. She also said that he didn't need to study hard and didn't need to work hard. His father had money, enough to allow him to play with for a lifetime. What kind of mother in the world is educating her son like this, unless the child is not her biological son?"

"Not her biological son?" Essie smiled as she asked in a careless tone, "Why do you say that?"

"Last year, I shoot an imperial-harem competing play in which an Imperial Noble Consort secretly took the son of an commoner into the palace so that she could change her princess into a prince. She did that in order to fight with the Empress. She told a lie that she had got a princess. Later, that princess was appointed as the crown prince, and became the emperor, and the Imperial Noble Concubine became the Empress. In order to take over the state and control the little emperor, she cultivated him into an ignorant and incompetent leader who only knew eating and playing, fooling around with concubines all day long." Eva said as if it were real.

Then, an indescribable deep look appeared on Essie face. She continued, "I think the content suits quite well on your little Vinton." She said half jokingly.

Lucy, who was standing not far away from them, waved her hand and said, "Vinton is indeed the child of the Xu family. When Elizabeth brought the two children into the house, she had a paternity test. Besides, Vinton resembles his father very much, so I can tell at first sight that he is his son."

"That's so strange." Eva shrugged.

"Perhaps it was because at that time Vinton was the only child of Baron. She might think that no matter how they indulged him, Baron would hand over the assets of the Xu family to him sooner or later. He thought there was no need for them to discipline him." Lucy sneered.

Eva nodded and thought what she said was reasonable.

Essie smiled and said, "Eva, it seems that Vinton trusts you very much. He even told you what happened when he was a child."

"Vinton and I get along with each other like brothers. In fact, it is good for us to get along with each other like brothers even if we can't be lovers." Eva grinned.

"He changed so much for you. It is not easy. Just give him a chance." Essie said, patting her on the shoulder.

Eva pretended to be angry and glance at her, "You are really my little sister and brother! How could you put in a good word for him like this?"

"If you became my sister-in-law, we could be even closer." Essie smiled again.

The Little New Year was coming soon. Essie took Holy to the hospital to visit Baron first, and then they went to the Xu family's manor.

In the eyes of Elizabeth and her daughter, they were the most unwelcome guests. When she heard the news that Essie was also Cathy, which really sent a chill down her spine. Valery a

is for your safety. My dad and my sister were both murdered one after another. Now, my greatest concern is your safety. If everyone in this manor acted against your will and obeys others' instructions, then nobody outside will know if something happened to you."

"There are so many guards in the manor. How could something happen?" Elizabeth stared at her angrily.

"Someone should be vigilant day and night. It's hard to guard against home evils. Little mother, you can forged Chairman Xu's Commission and my death certificate, but not Mrs. Xu's will?" Essie said in a low voice.

"That is right." Holy took the chance to chime in, "Grandma, you must be careful. Evil witch has always wanted to get the ten percent shares in your hand. They might mess it up with you, she might try to frame you in secret and forge your will."

"Nonsense! You are slinging mud at me and sow the seed of dissension between my mother-in-law and me!" Elizabeth was so angry that her face turned livid and pale.

"Never harm others, never guard against their harm. Grandma, fire all those disobedient and evil men who have been against you. This is only good and not harmful," Holy said.

Vicki, "Okay, okay. Just a few servants." Her own safety was the most important.

The Butler broke into a cold sweat on his forehead the moment he heard he words. He knew very well that Essie came here to get even with him. Every dog has its day. Time waits for no man. No one would think that he would be driven away by that bastard.

Elizabeth was so angry that she gritted her teeth. Essie had just finished reshuffling the Hengyuan Co., Ltd, and then she went to the manor to reorganize the personnel here. She wanted to make her empty. She had got a big trouble because she didn't get rid of this woman earlier.

When she was boiling with rage, Essie threw a file on the butler and said, "This is the evidence of fraud and bribery when you were in the manor as the butler. You're just a butler and how dare you cheat others in the name of our Xu family. Who gave you the right?"

The butler wiped the sweat on his forehead with his shivering hand and looked at Elizabeth.

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