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   Chapter 336 You Have Only One Use For Me (Part Two)

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She knew the reason why Jim shared Zac's past before with her was to motivate Essie to clear things up with Zac and discuss with him the matter with the kids.

But she was worried. If she told him about the kids and it didn't do anything to help him regain his memories, would he fight her for the custody of the kids?

Their marriage now was hanging by a thin thread. Zac became too cold and stoic to her since his amnesia. Mary had consistently been finding ways to separate them. Leila was waiting in the wings for anything to go wrong and snatch Zac back up. These were all heavy things that weighed down their marriage. It felt like at any moment, the thread would snap and everything she held dear would be destroyed.

If they continued with their divorce, they would have to talk about the custody of the kids. And she already knew what would happen then. There was no way for her to win over Zac. She would be forced to watch him take the kids away from her. Mary wouldn't treat her children well. If Leila became their stepmother, she would definitely hate the kids and abuse them.

She couldn't let that happen. So the best way was to wait patiently and keep her secret quietly. As long as she could delay talking about it, nothing would tip their precarious situation over. The most important thing right now was to help Zac restore his memories and stabilize their marriage. Then they could handle everything else as they came.

On their way home, silence filled the car. Zac's expression was like the passing scene outside: dark and unpredictable. Essie hummed a song to fill their awkward sile

feed you properly?"

Well, he was right. Money was not an issue, much less food.

"Then I can cook you delicious meals like the braised beef brisket with turnip that you liked so much. That counts as a merit of marrying me, right?" Just as she thought she had finally found a good reason for him to praise her, he curled his thin lips at her. "Can't the cook make food better than you?"

The cooks the Rong family had in their kitchen were all first-class chefs. Of course, she couldn't compete with them.

"You once said that I can cook better than them."

"I must have said that when I was having an off-day with my taste buds." He fired back.

"Not at all." She lowered her head. It was obvious that his words were starting to weigh down on her.

When the car stopped at the intersection, he turned his head at her and said, "You only have one use for me."

"What's that?" she asked in a sad voice.

"To satisfy my sexual needs." There was a wicked and cold smile on his face as he said this.

Shocked, she whipped her head towards him, her face pale.

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