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   Chapter 332 Love Can Not Be Forced

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There was a meaningful light flashing in Zac's eyes. It was interesting that someone pretended to be Essie and sent him messages.

"Just watch TV." He said lightly. He didn't want to attract her attention. Then Essie put down the bag and turned her eyes to the TV. Seeing that she was watching intently, he felt relieved and picked up his phone. He returned a Wechat message, "what book are you reading?"

"It's a novel about a child. Her Mommy and daddy had divorced when the child was still in her mommy's belly. She grew up abroad and has never seen her father. Her father doesn't know he has a child himself. Don't you think this child is very miserable? "

Zac's heart trembled. "Her father is more miserable."

"Do you think her father will be happy if he knows that he has a child?"

"I suppose so." After replying, Zac cast a glance at Essie and asked, "stupid woman, who lives with you now?"

"My brother, and Pana, what's wrong?" She didn't dare to tell him about her parents living with her children, because she was afraid that he would come to see her children unexpectedly. Dot resembled him so much that she couldn't find an excuse to say they were not father and son.

"Is your brother suffering from delusional disorder?" He frowned. Needless to say, the person who pretended to be Essie and chat with him through Wechat must be the naughty Holy.

"It's quite normal for children to fantasize." She replied with understatement.

"Does he still like to pretend to be someone else?"

"Haven't you played a pirate and chieftain when you were young?" Hearing that, Essie rolled her eyes at him, feeling that he was asking a very weird question. It was on his back that he had been hit. Why did he feel that his brain became more and more weird? He not only forgot her, but also blamed her brother.

"Only a person like you, whose mind is racing wildly, will do such a boring thing." He glared at her and turned to the phone, ignoring her. Since Holy wanted to play, Zac would play with him as much as possible. After all, he was bored at the moment and had nothing to do.

"Are you dozing off?" Another message came in since he didn't reply for a long time.

"I'm doing something very important." He sent him a smiling Emoji.

"What is it?"

"Beat the disobedient kid."

"Do you have a child?"

"Yes, a boy."

The phone was silent for a while, and then came a series of surprising expressions. "Do you married another woman?"

Zac swallowed. This little punk was so smart that he didn't even know that his lie was revealed. "I used all my strength to deal with those disobedient children. I will hit their butts." Instead of answering some questions, he changed to a threatening tone.

"It's wrong to hit your own kid." A message from Holy.

"Naughty kids! They get beaten if they don't listen to their mommy, especially those who stay up late at night." Zac replied with a big Emoji of beating butts.

He didn't get any response. Maybe Holy was too scared to speak one more word. Children were just children. He would be frightened and didn't dare to make more trouble after being threatened.

Zac smiled and


"Eat Pig brain, you will be stupid as pigs." He snorted.

"It turned out that you never transformed to a pig even though you had pork every day," She stuck out her tongue and her forehead was hit by him.

"Ouch." She put her hand on her forehead in pain. Didn't he lose his memory? Why didn't he forget this trick as well?

He put the spoon on the table hardly and said, "feed me." It sounded like a commander was ordering his soldiers.

Then she sighed deeply. After the man lost his memory, his arrogant young master had a direct temper. She fed him a spoonful of pig head, and said, "come on, open your mouth." She coaxed the child in the same tone. The man glared at her, reluctantly opened his mouth and ate the pig head.

"It's delicious, isn't it?" She giggled and said, "just eat more. Maybe you can regain your memory."

"I have no good memories. It doesn't matter whether I recover or not." He said casually.

Her thick eyelashes quivered slightly, and her eyes dimmed. Wasn't it good? Wasn't it good memories when they were together? It was true that they often quarreled with each other and took advantage of each other, but...

"How could you know whether it's beautiful or not if you forget it?" She asked him in a low voice.

"I've heard that we have divorced many times. It means that you are an incompetent wife." He pinched her chin, and the coldness in his eyes froze from her eyes to her heart. She unconsciously shrank a little. "You... You neither. " She plucked up all her courage to resist him.

"Then divorce as soon as possible and disappear in front of me." He growled, his tone was cruel and ruthless, as if he was fed up with her.

She swallowed the bitterness in her throat. She didn't blame him for losing his memory.

In the past, she was sad, desperate, and angry. She desperately tried to escape from him because she thought he didn't care about her at all and only took her as a substitute. Now, he had taken a bullet for her, which meant she was not dispensable. There was a small place in his heart that belonged to her, so she decided...

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