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   Chapter 330 I Don't Remember Her

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The door of the operating room remained close for a long time.

Essie stood guard outside the room, crying her eyes out and worrying about Zac.

"God won't let anything happen to Mr. Rong. He'll be fine," William said beside Essie, trying to comfort her to the best of his abilities. Meanwhile, Zac's men were quick to action. They blocked all exit and entry points in the whole Dragon City. They wouldn't stop until they found the sniper.

Mary and Albert rushed to the hospital once they heard the news. When Mary heard that Zac took a bullet for Essie, she exploded with rage. Once she saw Essie, she hurriedly stepped closed to the younger woman and slapped her hard. "You're a disaster! This is all your fault. Why can't you just stay away from my son?!"

"Let's stop causing a scene," Albert tried to reprimand his wife.

"If anything happens to Zac, this woman will not see the last of me." Mary was so mad she wanted to strangle Essie to death. Lucy bewitched her husband and Essie bewitched her sons. Like mother, like daughter.

"Zac will be fine." Albert's words left no room for doubt. His son must be fine.

When the door of the operating room finally opened, the attending surgeon updated them that bullet had been removed. Fortunately, it did not hit any major organs and was not life threatening.

Hearing this, Essie sobbed in relief. She was laughing and crying at the same time.

Zac was transferred to a VIP ward so he could heal faster. He had been in a coma and only opened his eyes two days after.

Essie stayed by his side religiously, even at Mary's complains.

"Zac! You're finally awake." She sniffled. An exhausted smile had finally emerged on her face for the first time in two days.

Zac looked at her strangely. "Who are you?" he asked in confusion.

Essie let out a gasp. "I'm Essie. Don't you remember me?"

"I don't know you." He turned his head haughtily. His expression was cold and indifferent.

"Did you lose your memories? Is this for real? But do you remember who you are?" Her heart skipped a beat.

"Of course, I do," he scoffed at her. There was a hint of disgust in his tone, as if her presence bothered him.

Essie pressed the call button to ask for a nurse. After a diagnosis, the doctor suspected it was a partial amnesia caused by the injury and the coma. He forgot everything that happened after fleeing to Yang City.

Essie felt as if she were hit on the head by a stick. Her head buzzed. In the ambulance, he said he would do his best to forget everything about them so they could move on. But she didn't expect that he would really forget everything.

"Don't you remember me at all?" Tears started to stream down her face. Was God playing with her? It took her a long time to understand her feelings for him. When she finally realized her love for him and wanted to be with him, he now lost his memories. Why did this happen to them?

"Are you one of my admirers?" Zac looked her up and down, measuring her beauty. "But you look too plain. I'm not interested in women like you. Please just leave me alone."

"I'm your wife. We're married and our marriage is protected by the law." She's starting to feel anxious and sad at the situation.

"Is it April Fool's Day?" he asked. He didn't believe a word out of Essie's mouth.

n room," he growled, looking extremely unhappy.

"Once I fall asleep, I sleep really deeply. If you need help, I won't be able to hear you. So, I'm staying here," she explained. The VIP ward was like a deluxe suite. There was a lounge for visiting family members. But Essie was too worried to leave him alone in his room so she preferred to sleep next to him.

"Woman, honestly, I just don't want to see your face. Please, just do as I say and get out of my sight. Don't get in my way, okay?" Zac opened his iPad to distract himself. It seemed like she was born to make his world difficult.

She continued to look indifferent to his harsh words. It helped that she had already known about his sharp tongue. "I'm not ugly, you know. And anyway, you'll get used to me sooner or later." And with that, she closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep.

Zac was frustrated at this woman. So he just turned his eyes on the window. Out of sight, out of mind. The next morning, sunlight poured onto his slightly pale face. It made his usually dark eyes appear even deeper.

Essie wasn't able to sleep. When Jane brought food to them, she was instantly alert and stood up to help her set up the table.

"Are you hungry?" Essie served Zac a bowl of porridge and picked up some pork and bamboo shoots for him. She was about to feed him when he interrupted her.

"I don't want to eat meat."

"Okay." She nodded, thinking that greasy food might make wound heal slower. She quickly picked out the meat and placed it in her bowl.

After feeding him porridge, Essie told Jane to stew some fish soup for him. It was great for healing wounds.

"Ask the chef to cook more meat," Zac said after he finished his meal. What he said surprised both Essie and Jane. Didn't he just say that he wanted didn't want to eat meat? Zac noticed their agape expressions and frowned at them. "Idiot! The more meat, the better the dish tastes."

"Okay, if you say so." Essie scratched her head. Zac had always been picky. She had been used to it. She picked up her chopsticks and began to eat. She had lost her appetite for the last month but today, her appetite seemed to be back. She finished up all the food in her bowl.

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