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   Chapter 325 A Serious Thing

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Zac didn't answer. But in his heart, he had already refused. Essie was the only woman he wanted to spend his whole life with.

"Leila, didn't we already talk about this? We're good friends forever. I promise you."

"But back then, I thought I was a member of the Qin family and we couldn't be together. So it was okay to be just friends. But now, I'm not a part of the Qin family anymore. I can marry you and be your wife. I don't want to be just a friend to you." Leila shook her head. She couldn't accept it.

"My promise is not just some word I say whenever it suits me. My promise is my word. And I don't take back my words. It can't be changed," Zac said in a firm tone.

Leila's heart felt like it was thrown into an icy ocean. Her entire being ran cold. She couldn't feel her limbs. Desperation and rejection felt acute to her. But she would not give up. Even if Essie took him away, Leila could still take him back.

After she left, Leila went straight to Hengyuan building to declare war with Essie.

"Zac and I were together for the whole day. I just want you to know that we can get married now and have children. Nothing's stopping us from getting our happily ever after." Leila grinned and pretended to be excited.

"So what? Why did you come here, then?" Essie replied in nonchalant tone.

"So you can stay away from Zac. Stop bothering him. You can't destroy our relationship now," Leila warned.

"Miss Qin, you came all the way here just to tell me this. Perhaps you're not so confident with your relationship with Zac, aren't you?" Essie sneered. It didn't seem like Leila was thinking her moves through.

"I'm confident. It's just that, after so m any setbacks we experienced, we can finally be together. I don't want anyone to ruin our happiness this time around." Leila raised her voice, trying to hide the guilt from showing in her tone.

"Miss Qin, you don't have to tell me all this. I'm not interested in your relationship. I'm a busy woman with a lot of things to take care of. Please, if you would excuse me." Essie bid her adieu. She didn't want to waste any more time with Leila. Whether Zac and Leila did get back together, that was none of Essie's business anymore.

"Well, I believe you. Since you've accepted Hanson's proposal, I'm sure you won't cheat on him with your ex-husband," Leila said as her final shot.

Essie pretended not to hear Leila and instead, focused on her computer. Leila shot her Essie an awkward look before she left her office.

As soon as the door closed, Essie fell back into her seat. Her heart felt like it had been through a lot in those five minutes spent with Leila.

Zac would be happy. He would finally get the woman he wanted and marry her. Would she, a substitute, fade away in his world after they got married? Essie smiled bitterly. Her eyes lost their brightness for a moment. No, his secret illness had not been cured yet. Zac would still need her. Even if he and Leila got married, they wouldn't be able to share a bed together.

Somehow, this made Essie feel a little comforted. It wasn't proper for her to think this but she couldn't find it in her heart to bless their relationship. Would it make her a terrible person to hope that Zac's illness wou

face. They shared a look before Essie lowered her eyes.

His heart twisted. Just then, he felt a lot uneasy.

After he left, Lucy and Essie entered the villa. Lucy sat on the sofa and turned her head. She avoided looking at her daughter. It was obvious that she was angry.

"Mom, I was with Zac because of business. Elizabeth and Bles have now joined forces to deal with me. I can't face them all by myself. I need Zac's help," Essie tried to explain.

Lucy remained silent for a while. Eventually, she turned her head and said, "I know you still have feelings for Zac. But you have to understand he's not right for you. You will only repeat the tragedy of your marriage with him if you go back to him."

"I understand." Essie lowered her head and felt a myriad of emotions in her chest.

Lucy looked at her daughter. She didn't think Essie understood her at all. Essie wouldn't regret anything until she had finally missed something. It would often be too late when it happened. This time, Lucy wanted to help her daughter get over Zac a lot quicker, even if it meant playing the role of a devil's advocate. Her daughter had to stop thinking that there would be any future with her and Zac.

"When you came back last time, the kids were so excited to see you. Your father and I took them here. They're now with Hanson." She didn't tell Essie in advance on purpose. She wanted to catch her daughter off guard and see if she still had any connection with Zac.

"Let's take some rest. We'll go to Yang City tomorrow." Essie stood up and went upstairs. She needed to be alone for now.

The next day, before she went out, Lucy told her to bring her residence booklet. Surprised, she asked her mother, "Why do I have to take this with me?"

"I have something to do. So just bring it with you," Lucy said casually. Essie didn't think too much about it. She stuffed the booklet in her bag and followed her mother out.

It was the first time Mili and Dino had been to Yang City. Hanson had so many plans for them, including taking them out on a boat for a couple of days. But Lucy refused it. "We won't go out today. We have something important to do."

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