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   Chapter 320 The Identity Was Exposed

Mystery of Love By Orange Characters: 10666

Updated: 2020-03-18 11:48

At Hengyuan Co., Ltd, in the special assistant office of the president. Vinton asked what happened as soon as he came in.

Essie locked the door and drew the curtain. With a strange and cautious look, she said, "I have something to show you."

"What is it?" Vinton raised his thick eyebrows and was a little curious.

Essie didn't immediately answer, but invited him to sit on the sofa and make a pot of Kung Fu tea. She poured a cup and handed it to him, "Has your mother been away from Dragon City for a long time?"

Vinton thought about it carefully and nodded, "Indeed, she had asthma and went to Hawaii to recuperate for a year." After a pause, a fire flashed in his eyes, "Holy was also born at that time."

"Asthma?" Essie sneered, "I should give you a late congratulations. You have two younger brothers in this year."

Vinton was shocked, "Does my father have an illegitimate child outside?"

"It's not your daddy, it's your mommy." Essie took out a folder and opened it. There was a stack of materials and photos in it. "The child's name is Loren Xu, and his Chinese name is Ruifeng Xu. This is his birth certificate in the hospital of Saint Mary in Hawaii. It clearly records the date of birth on December 21, 2004. His mother, Christian Wang, is your mother, his father, Eric Xu, and your uncle."

"Mommy, she and uncle..." Vinton angrily clenched his fist and hit the tea table. Even if she didn't have a good relationship with his father and was lonely, she could have other entertainment methods. How could she hang out with his uncle? It was just a wanton behavior!

Essie took a sip of tea slowly and said, "I used to think that your mother wanted to be the chairman herself just because her desire for power was over inflated, but now I don't think it's that simple. She must have conspired with Bles to get rid of your father and sister, and let your mother be the chairman of the Xu group in your name, and then pass the position to their son, Loren Xu."

"No way!" Xu Wenkang was furious and his eyes were full of hatred. "I knew that John was not that simple. He didn't care about anything on the surface, but even my mother in private. He was so mean, shameless and obscene."

"Calm down." Essie patted him on the shoulder and said, "After all, this is a scandal of your Xu family. Don't spread it unless you have to. Now you have to fight back. They have begun to deal with Cathy. If something happens to her again, you will have to fight alone."

Vinton clenched his teeth and said, "Wait for me." He ran out and came back soon with a big folder in his hand. "This is a copy of the list of people I stole from my mother's safe. There are also evidence that they have taken kickbacks and bribes in the Xu family for so many years. She should want to use these evidences to control them."

"Great." There was a flash of excitement in Essie's eyes. It was time for the Xu family to change their personnel.

She didn't do it on her own. She asked Vinton to do it. For one thing, he was the director of human resources and the future master of the Xu's group which qualified him the most suitable person. On the other hand, she wanted to win his trust

d away, the agent appointed by President Xu in the letter of authorization no longer exists. I think it's better to let Mrs. Xu..."

Before he finished his words, Essie stood up and clapped her hands, "Wonderful! That is so wonderful. Mrs. Xu, last time you forged a letter of authorization of president Xu, and this time you forged a death certificate of Cathy. Did you open a forgery company in private?"

Elizabeth's face turned blue: "Essie, you conspired with Pana to swindle and make profit in our Xu family. I will inform the police to arrest you."

Essie smiled calmly, "Yes, Pana is not Cathy indeed. She was a comrade of Alice in the special forces when she was in the army. When she learned that something happened to her, she rushed over from her hometown to help me." She paused, walked to Elizabeth and put her shoulder on her shoulder: "It's not right to curse people to die casually. Even if you die, I will definitely live well, green skinned fox demon!"

The last three words accentuated her tone. Elizabeth had a deep impression on this word. When she first entered the Xu family's gate, Cathy scolded her like this. Since then, she has been calling her like this, which almost drove her crazy.

"You... Who are you?" She convulsed violently and turned her head to look at her with trembling eyes.

Essie sneered, "I still remember that when you first entered the Xu family's manor, you were dressed in green, just like a fox in green. So I gave you a very suitable name, 'Green skinned fox demon'."

"You... You... " Elizabeth's face turned pale in an instant, and she was too frightened to say a word.

"You are the Cathy!" Vicki said the following words for her, and now she understood everything. No wonder she knew so much about the Xu family, no wonder she was so close to Alice, no wonder she would come to participate in the affairs of Hengyuan Co., Ltd. It turned out that she was the Cathy who left with Luce in the past!

Bles took a puff of his cigar unhurriedly. "Mom, don't come to a conclusion so soon. If she is Cathy, she must take out something that can prove her identity."

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