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   Chapter 318 Fire In The Backyard (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-03-18 00:22

Coming out of the club, she went into her Martha Lahti and was about to take off her wig in the rearview mirror when she was horrified to find a face inside. She turned around and glared at the man in the back seat, "How did you get into my car?"

"It is not difficult to open the car door," said Zac with a faint smile.

He opened a room lock, but now it was a car door. Had this guy received professional training to be a thief?

"Shouldn't young master Rong be feeding Miss Qin the dinner in her ward by this time? She must be hungry since you are getting into my car now," she said sourly.

Zac's face darkened and he didn't respond to her. He didn't come to discuss his innocence, but her safety.

"What are you doing in there by wearing such thick cosmetic?"

"It is none of your business," she said angrily.

"Are you going for Sally?" There was a sharp light in his eyes, as if he had already seen through her secret.

"You think too much." Essie snorted, "I just have a chat with those like-minded ladies. Their husbands have a lot of shameless girlfriends, and my ex-husband has been fooling around with his first love every day and still doesn't care to admit it. Do you think I have the same pity with them?" If a woman wanted to live with this man, she would be careful and stop at the right time. But she had made up her mind to separate from him, so she might as well expand the mistake infinitely, fight with him to the end, let herself die of hope, and let him die of hope.

Zac's face was already very gloomy. He could almost feel the resentment spreading in the car, and it was gett

le at his appearance made him furious. She was now making it clear that she wanted to draw a line with him. She kicked him into the death row with a small mistake, but he just couldn't let her go at all. He was worried about her life. He thought that was the fate. She was his doom, a doom that could never be undone!

"If you have something to say, just say it," She muttered to herself, saying that quickly, so that she could go home to have dinner. After playing mahjong all afternoon, she was so hungry that she could not help groaning.

"Do you really want to get information from Sally?" His charming lips made a mischievous arc.

"Yes," she replied simply. She couldn't think of any other breakthrough for the time being.

"Sally is not a fool either. You are not smart enough to get any information from her." Zac shook his hand.

"Do you have a better idea?" Essie curled her lips.

"Didn't you say that? Only the person at the pillow side can dig out the secrets most easily." Zac hooked the tip of her chin, and a strange color floated across his face.

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