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   Chapter 317 Fire In The Backyard (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-03-18 00:12

The light went out all of a sudden, and the darkness poured down like a thick black waterfall. Five fingers could not be seen in the narrow space.

The extreme fear came, and the muscles of Essie were all tightened. She curled up in the corner, her hands and feet were cold, and her body kept trembling. She wanted to ask for help, but the phone fell to the ground in fear and couldn't be found. Remembering that there was a satellite phone in her handbag, she quickly found it out in shiver. This was given to her by Zac when she was in Sea City. It was the previous one, which was for his exclusive use. Whenever she called, he would be right there.

Her head was so short of oxygen that she couldn't figure out who she was going to call. She just subconsciously pressed the dial button. There was only one number in it, and the phone was automatically connected.

At this time, Zac was spending a boring and irritable night in the office. When he saw the caller ID on his phone, his dark and cold eyes suddenly lit up. This woman actually took the initiative to call him. Did she come round and want to make up with him?

The corner of his mouth, which had been drooping for many days, finally raised a slight arc. He pressed the answer key, suppressed his voice and made a deep 'hello' sound.

"I was locked in the elevator of Hengyuan Co., Ltd... It is so dark... Help me... " Essie's throat was convulsed violently, and her voice was weak and trembling. Zac's nerves suddenly tightened and his face turned pale. "Don't be afraid, you little fool. Take a deep breath. I'll be right there." He rushed downstairs, jumped into the c

e said without hesitation.

"Only him?" There was a sad smile on the corner of his mouth. "Am I that bad?"

"Don't be too greedy. You already have Leila Qin." When she said this, she almost gritted her teeth and felt as if tens of thousands of claws were scratching in her heart, which made her feel so uncomfortable that she was about to go crazy.

Zac held his head. She not only convicted him of the crime, but also got into the dead end and couldn't pull her out. "Put down the knife, and I'll ask Tim to send you back," after a long silence, he said weakly and got up to go upstairs.

Essie went out and walked to the Rolls-Royce at the gate of the yard. She didn't look back for a moment. She didn't want to have any attachment to the man who didn't belong to her or the place she did not own.

Zac was looking at her back in front of the window. Her determination scared him. Did he really have to make a choice between her and Leila to retrieve it?

For the next few days, as usual, Essie went to Tiffany Club to play mahjong and became more and more familiar with Sally.

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