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   Chapter 316 Act Now (Part Two)

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After lunch, she went to the Tiffany Club. She carefully changed her make-up, put on a light brown wig cover, put on a heavy make-up, put on a mole at the corner of her mouth, and wore a black frame glasses, looking like a young and rich lady.

When she left the Xu family, she was too young to have much impression on Sally. She only vaguely remembered that she was the niece of Vicki, and that the marriage was arranged by Vicki, which was equivalent to an arranged marriage. Vicki did this probably to guard against him, in case he had the ambition to fight for the family property.

Sally happened to have one vacancy out of three, so she took the opportunity to make up for it.

"You are new here. Why haven't you met before?" Sally asked.

"This is my first time here." Essie smiled.

"What's your name?"

"Call me Julie," Essie said, shooting out a Nine Dot Tile.

"Pung!" Sally smiled wildly.

After one round, Essie played another Two Bamboo Tile. Then Sally claimed it for a quadruplet.

Caroline who sat at her opposite was a little unhappy. "Do you know how to play? Every Tile you released, she could either claim it to match a triplet or for a quadruplet."

"I have no choice. I have to release this Tile." Essie shrugged.

After two rounds, Sally won by her own draw and grinned from ear to ear. Essie sighed, "Mrs. Xu, you're so lucky. I've been waiting for the one necessary tile to win for two rounds, but I haven't got it yet. You were just waiting, and then you've been claiming the tile to win."

"Can she self-draw if you don't play to let her claim it to match a triplet?" Caroline glared at her angrily.


ve to plan for my son. His property can only be my son's. Those bastards can't get a cent."

"That's right. Those foxes gave birth to wild bastards, hoping to get their property. They can't be that easy," Caroline said angrily.

Sally nodded. Bles also had several illegitimate children outside and had been threatening her son's position. She had no feelings for Bles for a long time. If it wasn't for her son, she would have left.

The game ended in the evening. The ladies had a good chat with Essie and asked her to come back tomorrow.

Essie went into the car, took off her wig, took off her heavy makeup, and changed back to herself. Then she went to the company. She had several important documents to deal with. It was nearly midnight when she came out of the office.

She walked into the elevator and pressed button of the basement first floor. While looking at her cell phone, she waited for the elevator to go down. All of a sudden, the elevator shook violently and stopped halfway, as if it was broken.

She hurried to press the emergency call button, but there was no response.

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