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   Chapter 313 th Being Lovers Forever

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In the afternoon, in Jiang City.

As soon as Essie came in, she held the two babies in her arms. The children were very happy to see that Holy also came, "uncle, have you become the president like daddy?"

Holy scratched his head and chuckled, "I'm still at school. I won't be the president until I grow up."

"When did you grow up?" Dot tilted his head and looked at him in confusion.

"When I am eighteen." Holy said seriously that he really hoped that he would grow up quickly, so that he could protect his sister and those who were very important to him.

"I don't want to grow up. I can't play with Barbie doll when I grow up." Mili said in a sweet voice. She couldn't wait to pick up the Barbie doll suit that Hanson bought for her, sit on the cushion and start to open the box.

Dot liked building blocks, so Hanson bought him blocks for the Tower of London. He took Holy's hand and asked him to build blocks with him.

Essie cut the fruit, watching the three children playing and feeding them the fruit.

"In the past two days, your father and I have visited several kindergartens which were the best in Jiang City and decided to send them to the Red Sun. The environment and teachers there are good. A teacher only takes two children, and Mili and Dot can just be learned by a teacher. We talked with the president and found the best Chinese teacher to teach them. Now their English is their mother tongue, so when they are at home, they can learn Chinese well. " Said Lucy.

Essie nodded, "it's up to you and dad."

"Mommy, will there be many children in the kindergarten to play with me and Dot?" Mili blinked her big beautiful eyes for two times, with a look of expectation.

"Yes." Essie smiled and touched her little face. "You should listen to the teacher. You can't be naughty."

"Okay." Mili nodded obediently.

Dot put the last block on the top of the tower and said slowly, "I want to rule the whole kindergarten. All the children should listen to me."

Essie was sweating heavily. Did her baby inherit all the genes of her father's tyranny and autocracy?

Holy held the head of Dot and smiled, "well, if anyone dares not to listen to you, teach him the way I taught you."

"Yes." Dot nodded vigorously.

A few days later, in the Dragon City Hospital, Zac pushed Leila to bask in the sun on the lawn.

"Zac, you haven't come to see me for a few days. Are you busy in the company?"

"Yes." Zac answered absentmindedly. His voice was hoarse, and his face was haggard and decadent. He didn't know how he had been these days. He was drunk every day, and he couldn't tell day from night.

Leila couldn't see his face, but she could guess that he must have fallen out with Essie. She secretly rejoiced in her heart. During this period of time, Zac accompanied her, took care of her and deepened her attachment. She couldn't allow Essie to destroy her happiness. Zac was hers and would always be hers.

"Zac, I want to eat some grapes." Sh


"Hanson is my last choice." She said word by word firmly and forcefully, with an indifferent look of despair on her face, like ice from her eyes to the bottom of her heart.

Zac's heart was also frostbitten. "Essie, did you sentence me to death just because of those fake photos?"

Essie sneered, took out her phone, opened the photo and threw it on the table. "Then tell me, which one is fake and which one is revised by PS?"

Zac picked up her phone and looked at it. The blue veins on his forehead were rolling in anger, but he couldn't find a reason to argue.

Dead silence, like ice, condenses in the air.

For a long time, the sneer of Essie tore the silence apart like an electric saw. "Young master Rong, why don't you say anything? Are all the pictures in it true? Are they all done by you, young master Rong? I didn't expect you to be so intimate. "

"She can't see, so I..." Zac stopped. After Finney's questioning, he had found that his explanation was powerless and pale. He did an annoying stupid thing. "I really just treat Leila as a friend."

"Even an eight year old child knows that he has to avoid suspicion. Can't you imagine that young master Rong is so smart?" A very ironic smile appeared on the corner of Essie's lips. "I guess you are used to being intimate with her. You can't change it, can you?"

"You won't believe it no matter how I explain it, will you?" Zac's voice became weak, full of unspeakable depression and helplessness.

"Yes." Essie replied simply, "there has never been pure friendship between men and women. What you call friends is just self-deception."

"What do you want me to say then you can understand that her surname is Qin and my surname is Rong? We can't have a result at all." He hit the wall with a fist, and the more sullen he was, the more he was about to burst out.

"You can be lovers forever without getting married." Essie leaned towards him and slowly uttered word by word, cold, deep and gloomy.

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