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   Chapter 312 Don't Regret Making This Decision

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"Leila was injured when saving Rabi. If she didn't push him away in time, it would have been Rabi lying there in the hospital." Zac held his forehead, feeling a little bit helpless. He felt as if he were caught between a rock and a hard place.

"I understand that. We're grateful to Leila for saving Rabi. But that also means that she has no basic risk awareness. She let Rabi get into a potentially dangerous situation. And you! You're partly to blame here, too. How could you let Leila take care of Rabi?" Essie could hardly control her emotions. If it was her, she would never take her child near a place that could be dangerous.

"It really was my fault." Zac leaned against the wall. His face paled. He had been blaming himself for the past few days. Leila said she was going to take Rabi for a walk and enjoy the warmth of the sun. He agreed without thinking too much. If he or any of his bodyguards had been there, the accident wouldn't have happened.

"Forget it. You can go whenever you like. Anyway, we're not together anymore. I don't care about your business," Essie said coldly before she turned and went downstairs.

Zac slid to the floor and held his head in his hands. He felt more at loss and helpless with his relationship with Essie. He didn't know what else he could do to save their marriage.

Another phone call came again. It was still Christina who wanted him to rush to the hospital.

He tried to look presentable, as if he weren't on the verge of a breakdown earlier. He sifted his hand through his hair to tame it before he went downstairs.

In the VIP ward of the hospital, Leila lay on the bed. Her eyes were wide open, staring blankly at an unknown corner. Her breakfast remained untouched on the bedside table.

Just then, she heard a set of familiar footsteps at the door. "Zac, are you here?"

"Why didn't you eat your food again?" Zac walked to her side and frowned.

"I want to eat the breakfast you bought. What they gave me wasn't as tasty as the one you brought here," Leila answered coquettishly.

"I bought it from the restaurant mentioned by Mr. Rong," said the nurse, obviously offended at Leila's words.

"What you bought isn't as delicious as the one brought by Zac!" Leila growled at the nurse. If Zac wasn't there, she would have picked up the bowl and smashed it at the stupid woman.

Christina quickly pulled the nurse out and left her sister alone with Zac.

Zac put the breakfast he brought into the microwave oven to heat it up. "I'm very busy today and can't stay too long. Eat your breakfast quickly and stop acting petty."

"So you can't have breakfast with me because of the company?" Leila asked, fearing that he would only be spending his day with Essie, instead of actually working.

Zac ignored her question. He picked up a shrimp dumpling with his chopsticks and fed it to Leila. She shook her head. "Zac, it's so stuffy here. Let's have breakfast downstairs instead. The warmth of the sun would feel lovely on our faces."

"Okay." Zac agreed before he picked her up and placed her in the wheelchair.

They chose a lovely part of the garden where there was shade. Zac opened the lunch box and began to feed her breakfast.

"Leila, I have a lot of things to do the next comi

still staring at the direction where Zac's car disappeared. Eventually, she opened Hanson's car and got in.

"Essie." Hanson held her hand. "I'll come pick you up from now on." He had to protect her. He couldn't let Zac hurt her anymore.

"It would be too tiring for you to drive to and from here every day. Don't worry about me." "It's fine. Tomorrow is the weekend. Let's go back to Jiang City to see Mili and Dino. Take Holy with us. The children will be happy to see him." Essie gave him a smile. She missed the kids dearly.

"I also bought them some gifts from England." Hanson smiled before he raised her hand and pressed an adoring kiss on it.

They went back to Alice's villa together and found Holy. "Hanson, I haven't seen you in a while. I thought you had a fight with Essie."

"We're fine. I was away in England to attend the London Fashion Week. That's why I couldn't come to visit." Hanson reached out to ruffle Holy's hair and gave him his gift.

"Baseball gloves!" Holy's eyes lit up. "These are great! Thank you so much, Hanson."

Hanson then pulled out his gift for Essie. It was a set of exquisite porcelain tea set, her favorite English muffins, and crepes.

"Oh, Hanson. You know me so well." And just like that, Essie was feeling so much better. She wrapped her arms around Hanson's neck and kissed him on his cheek. Last summer, they took the whole family for a quick trip to England. Essie fell in love with the authentic British afternoon tea and decided to have it every day.

"My purpose in life is to make you happy every day." Hanson held her in his arms. His embrace spoke volumes about the deep love he felt for her.

Holy watched the pair and laughed. He didn't care whether it was Hanson or Zac who Essie chose. He just knew that whoever Essie chose, he would support her.

Meanwhile in the hospital, Leila was on the phone.

"Do you think Essie is crying her heart out now or raging a war with Zac?" She smiled insidiously.

"It doesn't matter. We've done our job to break them up," the voice on the phone replied in a melancholic tone.

"I'm looking forward to working with you more in the future."

"Of course."

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