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   Chapter 311 None Of My Business (Part Two)

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She shrank a little at his words. She was still frightened by the lesson he taught her back on the yacht. She knew there was a limit to how much she could push back against him. At some point, she had to give in. "I'm tired, Zac. I just want to go to sleep. Let me out so I can take my rest."

The anger drained on his face and was replaced by a sad look. He took one long look at her exhausted face before he slammed on the gas and sped off.

"I'm already at home. I don't want to go to your place." Essie wanted to cry out of frustration. This guy must have been the reincarnation of a dictator. He only followed his whims and acted according to his will. He never considered and cared about other people's feelings. She tried to curl up in her seat, a sad look marred her beautiful face.

The air in the car was quiet and ominous.

His low, deep voice broke through the silence. "Was that my brother who dropped you off just now?"

"Yes, we just had dinner earlier tonight," she answered lightly, her eyes still focused on the scenery outside the window.

"He asked you out?" A hint of jealousy flashed across his eyes.

"He happened to pass by the office. I was still there and he asked if we could have dinner together. Your brother and I are good friends, you know? And we knew each other first before I met you." She pouted, feeling as if her personal freedom was severely restricted by his overprotectiveness.

Zac was silent. He used to think that it was normal for Walt and Essie to have dinner together. But after what happened at the ball, he felt something unusual. Walt used to say that he met his specia

he was not as stupid as he thought she was.

"Zac, if you want me to trust you, you have to show that you're trustworthy first."

"Then what do you want me to do?" he asked sincerely.

"Stay with me all day long. Don't go anywhere," she said clearly and forcefully.

"Done." He nodded. "I'll come back after I go to the hospital to see Leila."

His words were like needles that popped the balloon of hope in Essie's chest. He didn't understand what she meant at all. "If you go to the hospital, don't come back to me again," Essie said firmly.

Zac sighed. "I just want Leila to get better soon so she could get the surgery. The doctor said the blood clot in her nerve would cause much worse damage if left unattended for long. She wouldn't be able to recover by then."

Essie sneered. "I don't care! I'm not her relative to feel sorry for her. She has nothing to do with me. That's her own body. She gets to decide whether she wants to heal faster and get better quicker. If she wants to remain blind all her life, that's her choice. What does that have to do with you?"

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