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   Chapter 306 Not Related Biologically

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When Malcolm and Finney went into the banquet hall, with the sight of them, Essie smiled, "The representative of Hengyuan Co., Ltd is here, Mr. Rong and I are going to say hello to them. Excuse us." Then she held Zac's arm intimately and went away.

Leila's beautiful face twisted in jealousy. She really hated her last name, or how could someone take Zac away from her again.

When Finney saw that Essie and Zac were together again, she was surprised and confused. In Jiang City, she was with Hanson, and the two went to the hospital to visit her grandfather together. Why did it change to be her ex-brother-in-law when she came back. 'Oh my God! Was she involved in a love triangle?'

While Zac was talking with Malcolm, she pulled Essie aside and asked, "Have you made it up with ex-brother-in-law?" In Yang City, she didn't know the true identity of Zac. After coming to Dragon City, she knew that he was not only the president of the Emperor, but also the future boss of the richest family, incomparably wealthy and powerful.

Essie didn't know how to explain the relationship between her and Zac, "We... We are just getting along like friends," she said understatedly.

"Didn't you attend the party as the wife of the CEO of the Emperor?" Raising her eyebrows, Finney didn't believe her at all.

"Sister, his relationship with me is quite complicated, and it's not as clear as what you think. I'll explain it to you later." Essie could only change the subject.

Finney patted her on the shoulder, with a look of admiration on her face, and said, "You were born to be the wife of the president. You are the wife of the president no matter you will marry to Zac or Hanson."

With a smile on her face, Essie said, "Don't worry about me anymore. There are a lot of young talents present at the anniversary ceremony of the Emperor. You must keep your beauty, and try to be the wife of the president as soon as possible."

"That makes sense. I should take a look around." Finney snickered, arranged her hair, and turned to the front of the banquet hall.

Essie drank a little wine again and went to the dressing room. After he had a conversation with several bosses, Zac couldn't find her, so he went to Finney who was standing not far away and asked, "Finney, are you accustomed to living in Dragon City now?"

"Yes, I'm quite used to it." Finney smiled.

"I heard from Essie that grandpa Yi had a heart attack. Did parents in law come back from America as well?" he asked casually.

"Yes, all of them are back." Finney nodded. She had only stayed in Jiang City for only two days. When she knew that her grandfather was out of danger, she went back. She had no idea about Mili and Dot at all.

"Will they go back?" Zac asked casually.

"I don't think so. They went to America because they want to take care of Essie. But now Essie is in China now, so it is meaningless for them to go back there." Finney shook her head.

"They only have one child. They want to live together with her." Zac shrugged. Three years ago, he had planned to bring Essie's parents to Dragon

m willing to order, and I'm not tired of eating it all my life."


She was shocked by his words, and she suddenly felt like she was in a complicated mood. She said, "Then why do you tell Jim that I'm silly and confused, and when you see me, you get a headache. Are those angry words too?"

"When did I tell him..." Taking a pause, Zac remembered that he did said those words three years ago. It seemed that this muddle headed girl had held grudges for so long. "Those are not angry words. You are indeed silly, confused and very troublesome." He smirked.

"I know it." In a fit of anger, she clenched her fist and hit him on his shoulder. Her hand was wrapped in a warm big hand in the air. "I haven't finished yet. In fact, I am very enjoyed with it. If I don't get a headache because of you every day, then life will be boring."

What? What the hell did that mean?

She lowered her head and felt complicated. As if it made her heart sour, sweet and numb at the same time. She couldn't tell exactly what she felt.

He kissed her affectionately when she was lost in thought. At the same time, he wanted to express all his feelings to her in this kiss.

The moon shone through the treetops and surrounded them. At this moment, their hearts were so close. There was no dispute, no hindrance, and no misunderstanding. There was only warmth and harmony between them.

In the morning, Essie was in a good mood. Even when she sat on the sofa, she wanted to laugh happily. Since she came back to the Dragon City, she had never been so happy like this. She was confused about this feeling.

Zac came out of the bathroom, made a cup of coffee and sat beside her. "What are you doing?"

"Look at entertainment gossip." She shrugged.

"Yesterday, I heard a gossip about you from Finney," Zac said in a careless tone.

She was shocked violently, and her face suddenly turned pale. God, was it the matter of Mili and Dot? Finney and her relatives hadn't seen them yet? Did aunt Wendy discover it and tell her as if it was a shocking gossip?

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