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   Chapter 305 His Ex-wife

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Essie sighed. Her thoughts had been haunted by Zac more and more these days. She wanted to ask for his help. But she realized that he was too domineering and headstrong to work with. He was the most powerful person in Dragon City and that didn't come without consequence, including getting herself hurt in the process.

Dino turned and look at Essie and Hanson, his eyes wide open. "Mommy, Daddy, are you two going to kiss?"

Instantly, Essie leapt away from Hanson. "You little kid, what are you talking about?"

Dino stuck his tongue out and climbed on Hanson's lap. "Daddy, you two will get along better if you kiss Mommy often."

"I agree with you." Mili giggled at their conversation. "I saw a couple kissing each other on TV. They're very close to each other."

Essie could feel the sweat on her forehead. This conversation was making her feel embarrassed. Her mother must have been watching soap opera with the kids around.

Having two smart babies might be troublesome sometimes.

While she continued to ponder on her thoughts, Hanson gave her a quick kiss on her cheek. "Alright, kids. Daddy will kiss Mommy more often so she won't be taken away by others."

"Mommy is ours. If anyone dares to take Mommy away, I will beat them away. Dino clenched his fists as if he were a grown-up man.

Essie could only ruffle her son's hair adoringly. "Mommy will always be with you and Daddy. You should listen to your grandparents while you're here in Jiang City. Don't go too far around the neighborhood and behave yourselves. After Mommy settles all the things, we will all go back to America, okay?"

"Okay!" The kids nodded at her.

Essie's words eased the pain and doubt in Hanson's heart. A smile bloomed sweetly on his face.

"So are you getting married here in Jiang City or in New York?" Mili asked.

"Maybe we'll have it in New York. Mommy loves it there." Essie smiled at Mili. She wouldn't get hurt by staying away from Zac .

"Great!" The two children clapped their hands together with excitement.

Hanson opened his arms and hugged them. He hoped this happiness could last forever. He'd do everything to protect them and to prevent anyone from this destroying this little piece of heaven that he had.

After spending two days in Jiang City, Essie returned to Hengyuan. It seemed that Vinton had become much wiser while she was away. He had been coming to the office diligently and had been asking about the developments on the project in Sea City.

Essie gave him a copy of the project schedule and introduced the project to him briefly. While they were discussing, the secretary called, saying Elizabeth was visiting Essie.

"Please ask Mrs. Xu to wait for a while." Essie hung up the phone and exchanged a look with Vinton. "I guess your mom is here because of the Sea City project."

Something flashed across Vinton's narrowed eyes. He hid himself in the lounge so that he would find out what his mother was planning.

Essie smiled before she asked the secretary to let Elizabeth in.

"Mrs. Xu,

breath blew over her face, she could almost taste him. "I'll announce the second phase of the Sea City project on the anniversary." His simple words made her lose any resistance. She could only raise her hands in defeat. He knew her weakness too well and used it against her.

"Let's compromise, then. I'll go with you and you can introduce me as whoever you like," Essie muttered rather dejectedly. She could only let him decide since he loved to always be the superior one.

It had been three years and seeing Essie back in Zac's arms was the talk of the town. This made Leila jealous. She attended as the representative of the Qin Group. For the past three years, she was the one who attended this ball as Zac's date. She was expecting that nothing would change this year but instead, he came with Essie. She had finally realized that she had been replaced by Essie again.

Essie was a little nervous. She didn't know how Zac would introduce her. When she heard him say "my wife," she felt relieved. He just confirmed her status as the wife of the CEO.

She didn't know why she was so affected by his declaration. There was no chance for them to get back together. So why was she feeling all the emotions after being introduced as someone she was not?

Leila walked towards them. "Miss Yi, I wasn't expecting you to attend the party with Zac. Did you come as the representative of Hengyuan?" she asked purposefully and deliberately, ignoring how Zac introduced Essie as his wife only moments ago.

But Essie wanted to rub it more in front of Leila. She was tired of being Leila's substitute.

"Miss Qin, the guests all heard who I came here as. If you still didn't know, maybe you can ask Zac about it. What do you think, Zac?" She smiled and looked at Zac.

Zac stroked her chin tenderly. "Leila was just kidding you, honey. Everyone in Dragon City knows that you're my wife."

Jealousy rose up Leila's throat like bile. 'She's your ex-wife!' she yelled inwardly. Essie was his ex-wife, not the current one.

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