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   Chapter 304 Marry Hanson

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"You don't own me. We're already divorced. I'm meaningless to you now," Essie told Zac.

"Are you that forgetful now? I told you three years ago. I would only get married once in this lifetime and would only have one wife." Zac's expression was cold and serious. His strong aura stole the breath out of her.

She unconsciously shrank back against the chair, as if she was trying to help the seat swallow her and hide her from this conversation. "Aren't you tired of me? Aren't you interested in me anymore?"

"That's true, but…" Zac deliberately paused. He took a sharp turn and drove them to a quiet lakeside.

"It's getting late. I have to go back home soon," Essie said, her voice quivering in fear.

"Let me give you a chance to prove yourself. Who knows, maybe you'll catch my interest again," he said as he looked at her intensely. The corners of his mouth were lifted in a small, beguiling smile.

Fear curled up in her heart. Underestimating Zac and working with him would surely back fire on her. If she sought out an alliance with him, she was going to get hurt.

When she returned to the villa, she received a call from Lucy. Her mother told her that Bob's father was seriously ill and that she and Bob went back with the children.

Essie quickly booked a bus ticket and rushed back to Jiang City.

Bob's father had had a heart attack. He had been in the ICU for a week after his operation. Luckily, it was a successful operation and he was far from danger now.

Due to the old man's health, Bob and Lucy decided it would be best for them to stay in the country for the time being. After all, the old man was already more than eighty years old. There was no telling when his time would come so it would be better for them to stay and take care of him.

Meanwhile, Mili and Dino were happy to be reunited with their parents. The kids missed them. Since Hanson didn't come with Essie, they called him.

As soon as Hanson heard that the kids were at Jiang City, he rushed to get there, too.

"Daddy, Mommy, we missed you so much. Why haven't you come back home yet?" Mili asked as she wrapped her soft arms around Essie.

"Mommy and Daddy missed you so much, too. But there are still a lot of things we have to deal with. We won't leave until we're finish dealing with them," Essie tried to explain to her three-year-old daughter and kissed her cheek. "Now that you're back, we can be together as often as we can." But first, she had to make sure that they were safe.

"I heard from Finney that something happened at Hengyuan. Is that why you came back?" Lucy asked after she pulled Essie into the room.

Essie could only nod at her mother. "Mom, I didn't tell you because I didn't want you to worry about me."

Lucy's face turned dark at Essie's confession. "Then is it true that your father is in a coma and no one knows whether Alice is still alive or not?"

Essie averted her eyes from her mother. "Yes," she replied in a low voice.

A sob escaped from Lucy's mouth before she fell on the sofa and cried out.

"Mom, don't worry too much. The doctor said that Dad is in a coma because there was a clot of blood in his head. He'll wake up as soon as the clot is re

"I've already talked with Essie. As soon as the Xu family issue is fixed, you and Essie will get married. What do you think?"

Hanson's eyes lit up. "Is Essie willing to marry me?"

"Of course, she is," Lucy answered confidently with a smile.

"That's great!" Hanson exclaimed. He then ran to Essie and picked her up before he twirled her around excitedly.

"Mommy and Daddy are getting married!" Mili and Dino clapped and jumped.

Essie was a little overwhelmed. She didn't want to get married to anyone anymore. All she wanted to do was raise Mili and Dino well. But seeing her whole family get so happy over the marriage announcement made her feel guilty. She couldn't let them down.

The next day, Hanson and Essie took the children to the zoo and see the pandas they had there. Mili and Dino were very good English and Chinese speakers. In fact, they talked to the pandas in Chinese and English. The pandas ignored them, though, which made them upset.

"Oh, I get it now! Mili, the panda doesn't understand Chinese or English. They only understand panda words," Dino said in his adorable childish voice.

"That's right!" Mili agreed before she pouted. "If only we could speak their language!"

"I'm sure we'll learn it when we grow up," Dino said as he tried to comfort his sister.

Hearing the two kids' conversation made Essie and Hanson burst into laughter.

"Three and a half years in New York with you three was the happiest time of my life. We lived together like a family. Let's not make any changes to it, okay?" Hanson turned and held Essie's hands.

"Hanson, I'm a divorced woman with two kids. Don't you really care at all?" The more Essie thought about how unfair it was for Hanson, the more upset she became.

"I watched Mili and Dino being born and growing up together. They're my kids now." Hanson smiled. Happiness radiated off his face. "Didn't you say that Bob is the best father in the world? I plan to be the second best."

"Hanson…" Essie stepped closer and held him. She was deeply moved by his words. If only they could be this happy from the beginning, it would have been perfect.

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