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   Chapter 301 What A Disappointment

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Seeing Vinton's expression, Essie took the opportunity and said, "actually, your sister has told me that if you are appointed to the chairman of the company, she won't take out the Commission. After all, you are the eldest son of the Xu family and she is a daughter. Even if she was appointed to be the chairman, she can only take charge of the company on behalf of others. Sooner or later, the Xu's Group will be handed over to you. But she didn't expect that it was your mother who wanted to be the chairman, so she had to stop her. The Xu's Group belonged to Xu family and any chairman of it must have the Xu family's last name. You see, in the ancient times, when Empress Wu became the emperor, all the people of the Wu family came out to fight for the throne. If your mother takes the throne, the members of her family will definitely join the board of directors. By then, you are not sure if you can be the chairman easily. "

The more Vinton heard, the more he thought that Essie's words made sense. His mother just wanted to change the Xu's Group into her possession.

Essie seized the chance and continued, "I don't think the reason why the chairman arranged your sister to run the Xu's Group and didn't leave it to you deliberately was full of consideration. You must know how powerful your mother is. She is your own mother. With your kindness and filial piety, you won't have the heart to deal with her. Many people in the Xu's Group were supported by her. Even if you became the chairman, the result for you can only be two. One is being kicked out, the other is being her puppet. Mr. Xu must have known your situation. That's why he decided to leave your half-sister to take care of your business and ask her to remove the obstacles on the road for you. " She sighed, "your sister is just making clothes for you to get married."

As soon as she finished, Eva thumped the table. "Essie, you are right. Human beings will be unwilling to accept friends or relatives if they are tempted by desire. Look at those imperial kings in ancient times. They would kill their sons, wives and brothers without hesitation for the emperor's throne." She then patted on Vinton's shoulder and said, "Vinton, your mother must have been carried away by power. You should keep an eye on her. Don't let her get away with it."

Vinton nodded and said, "yes." Although Elizabeth was his biological mother, he didn't want to be a puppet in front of her. More importantly, if her families got the shares of the company, they should leave them to their own sons, not to him, their nephew.

Taking a sip of tea, Essie continued, "actually, I have a way. I can make you promise that you will have nothing to worry about after you take over the position of the CEO."

"What's it?" Asked Vinton.

"Find out all your mother's accomplices and the people she planted in the Xu's Group. Then, as soon as you take office, replace them all with your own people. You won't be afraid that your mother will threaten you." Said Essie slowly.


k and they were afraid of the strong. Therefore, she had to be aggressive.

A tall and thin man turned to them and greeted them, "hero, here comes a beauty."

"Little beauty, where did you come from? Why didn't I see you for the last two days?"

"Who do you think you are? You are not qualified to see me." Essie said coldly.

Sam's face darkened. "Who do you think you are? I will teach you a lesson later." Then he called two men over and ordered, "take this woman to me. I will enjoy her." It was his first time to meet such a beautiful girl. How could he not have fun with her.

Suddenly, Sam's head was held by a knife. "Bastard, let me do the test for you." Pana growled.

Sam's face paled with fear. He raised his hands and said, "sis, don't get excited. Let's calm down."

"Ask your men to put down the knives." Shouted Essie harshly.

"Put... Put down the knives. " Sam said in a trembling voice.

When the men behind him were about to put the knife on the ground, they heard a tall and thin voice: "do you want to frighten us with a toy?"

"Do you want to have a try?"

"I'll... I'll give it a try. " He was new in the gang. He needed to do his job well so that he could be put in an important position in the future.

It never occurred to Essie that there would be such a fearless weirdo. She and Pana looked at each other, and as they were hesitating, Sam quickly ran to the tall thin man and hid himself.

"Cody, don't be afraid. They dare not to do it. It must be false." The tall and thin man looked more determined now.

Pana stood in front of Essie to protect her. She had no problem in dealing with such a scoundrel. Essie forced herself to calm down, but she was so worried that her hands and feet got cold.

"Pana, there are too many people here. Let's stop fighting and run." Essie whispered in her ear. There was a lipstick gun given by Holy in her pocket. After she used it to the tall and thin man, they would make the situation better and fled as soon as possible.

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