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   Chapter 300 Mom's Ambition

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Zac darkened his face.

'Holy, can you stop being a jerk?'

"You little boy, what do you know?" Zac rubbed Holy's hair indignantly.

"A fair lady is a gentleman's good mate! Sister Essie is so beautiful and excellent that there are so many men chasing her. If you don't take action now, she will surely be taken away by someone." Holy laughed cunningly, deliberately making him feel threatened.

A touch of rage flitted across his face. He knew that Hanson was annoying enough. Now even his biological brother wanted to ruin his reunion with Essie. Humph, nobody can take his woman. Nor can his own brother.

"You brat, I think you should remind your sister that a rich and handsome man like me is always chased by women. If she doesn't take the initiative, I can't guarantee that I will keep a integrity for her all the time." He also had to give this puzzled and empty look a top, let her sober up and have a sense of crisis.

Taking another gulp of tea, she couldn't help but spit it out. She heard joke words -- "keep a integrity!".

"Icy guy, you keep your integrity for me? Is that a joke? "

"How did you get the idea that I was joking?" Zac said and the corners of his mouth turned solemn.

Essie was shocked. He had been with Leila for more than three years. How could they not have sex?

She didn't believe it, no matter what.

"Do you think I am so naive and gullible?" She gave him a ferocious stare and said, "there are women who often go to your house. If you can keep your integrity, then the pigs can fly in the sky."

Taking a sip of tea unhurriedly, Zac said with a calm and honest look, "I remember you've checked it on the yacht the other day? Do I look like to be with many women? "

Essie's face flushed red again. It seemed that he was right. He was just like a giant lion which hadn't tasted meat for a long time. She suddenly remembered that Holy was still next to her. She cleared her throat and quickly let him go upstairs to take a nap. He had classes in the afternoon.

As soon as Holy left, there was nobody in the living room. Zac pulled her into his arms and said, "do you believe it now?"

"How can you still linger around with such a beauty?" Essie squinted at him with a mischievous smile. All of a sudden, the fury in her heart was gone and her breath was light.

"You know the rules of our family. Leila and I can only be good friends." He explained it slowly. There were too many rivals in love, so he needed to play soft tricks.

Essie lowered her eyes. She knew, in his eyes, power was more important than beauty. For the Rong's Group, he must give up Leila. But it did not mean that he did not love her in his heart. She was always the most important person in his heart, and Essie was only a substitute.

"You must be hungry. I asked Philly to cook shrimp porridge for you. Go and eat it now." She quietly ended this topic.

"You still care about me." The corners of Zac' mouth lifted. His dry heart seemed to be nourished by a drop of water, regaining a glimmer of life.

Essie sighed in her heart. Leila was not the only obs

ack and take charge of the company? How can you be as usual?"

Vinton threw up his hands and said, "Now it is your best friend who are in charge with that company, so I can do nothing about it."

Startled, Eva turned around to Essie and said, "what are you doing, Essie? When you come back, you should go back to Summer 100 Degree. Why do you go to his company?"

"Mr. Xu's dad handed the company over to his sister. She happens to be a good friend I know in the United States. She has left Dragon City for a long time and doesn't know much about the place. So she asked me to come back to help her. I couldn't refuse and I agreed." Essie couldn't make any mistake in front of Vinton, or Elizabeth would hear it soon.

"I thought you came back to take revenge on our family for the feud between you and my sister." Vinton muttered in a low voice.

"Mr. Xu, you misunderstood me. I'm not narrow-minded. I don't want to mention the grudge between I and your sister anymore." Then, with a shake of her head, Essie thought, 'in addition to being naughty, Vinton is actually very simple in her mind, unlike Elizabeth and Valery, who are vicious and full of schemes and wicked ideas.

"That's good." Vinton shrugged. He didn't want to make enemy with her as she was Eva's best friend, and he never hated beautiful women.

Eva hand Vinton a bottle of milk tea and said, "Vinton, your father is not going to let your sister take over the Xu's Group, is he?"

"How could it be possible? She is a woman and sooner or later she will get married. Handing over the Xu's Group to her is equivalent to handing it over to an outsider." He didn't believe his father would be so stupid.

Essie glanced at him and slowly said, "in fact, I've been wondering since you're the next chairman of the company after something happened to your father and sister. Why would your mother be seated? Is it because she wants to destroy your position as the crown prince and take it herself?"

A touch of depression flitted across Vinton's face. To be honest, he had the same idea.

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