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   Chapter 299 You Win This Time

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Zac walked quickly to them, leaving Leila behind. "Why are you two together?" He asked and frowned slightly.

"Why can't we be together?" Essie retorted sourly.

"Zac, since you have divorced, we are just ordinary friends. And about what happened to Essie, you don't need to ask more." Walt said slowly, distancing himself from Essie.

They were not friends. Essie corrected him in her heart. Zac told her in person that they only had business relationship at the moment.

There was a touch of melancholy on the face of Zac. Was his brother going to take advantage of his weakness and swoop in? Even if it was Zac's own brother, Walt would never have an idea on his wife. When he was about to speak, Leila walked to him from behind and put her hand in his arm. "Brother Zac, let's go to the bar counter for a drink?" She dragged him away on purpose.

Looking at them, Essie was furious and said, "excuse me." After saying that, she walked away with Walt arm in arm.

Pulling his arm out of her grip, Zac ignored Leila and walked to the bar counter alone. He sat down and ordered a glass of whiskey. He was extremely angry, "Damn it, damn it." He kept cursing silently. Regret, anger and jealousy were boiling in his heart.

Standing next to him, Leila felt depressed and disappointed.

When the music began, Walt and Essie walked into the dance floor together. When Zac looked at Walt's hand holding hers in one hand and putting the other hand on her waist, blazing cold light burst out from his eyes. His handsome face was completely filled with jealousy.

"Zac, let's dance." Leila asked cautiously.

"Go by yourself." Zac answered absent mindedly. His eyes were fixed on Essie.

"Pineapple, you're good at dancing." Said Walt in awe.

"You too." Essie smiled.

"When are you going back to Summer 100 Degree? It's about the new product show. There will be a large show. As the founder, are you going to seize this opportunity to return?" Asked Walt with a smile.

"Not now. I'm working as the special assistant for CEO at Hengyuan. I have a lot of things to do and I can't leave now." She sighed.

"Why are you here?" Said Walt, slightly surprised.

"It's a long story." "I know nothing about this business. I have to start from scratch to learn real estate and investment," she continued.

"I can teach you." Said Walt with a charming smile on his face.

"Really?" There was a sparkle of joy in her eyes. She wouldn't have to beg that bastard Zac for help.

"Of course. Call me if you have any questions." Walt nodded seriously.

In front of the bar counter, Zac looked around with his eyes wide open. What were they talking about and laughing so happily. She had never smiled at him like that since she came back. He was very unhappy. He soaked too long in the jealousy jar, and even his pores sweated out.

As soon as the dance stopped, he rushed over and said, "next dance, dance with me." It was almost a

and leave in peace. She would better stay far away from this man, and never see him again in her life.

It was already noon of the next day when Zac woke up. He went downstairs. When he saw Holy and Essie, he realized that he was in Alice's villa.

Damn it! Why was he here? He rubbed his head which was still suffering from dull pain. He had not much memory about the things after getting drunk.

"I've made you a cup of tea to sober you up. Come and drink it." Said Essie.

Zac walked over and sat beside her. She poured him a cup of tea to sober him up. "I just made it. Be careful not to be burned."

He took it up and took a sip. Then he let his eyes settle upon Pana and asked, "are you Cathy?" He sounded surprised. She was quite different from what he had imagined. He had thought that Cathy who had grown up should be cunning and capricious. But it turned out that she was a tough and strong female.

"She didn't grow up to be the fatty you expected. Are you disappointed?" Worried that he would be suspicious, Essie hastily interrupted.

"You've really changed a lot." Zac shook his head.

Then she winked at Pana, and Pana stood up and went upstairs. Hearing the footsteps fade away, Zac mumbled to himself, "great changes! She's still more interesting in childhood." His tone sounded disappointed.

"Haven't you always said that she is a witch? She has corrected her evil deeds. So can you forgive her and accept the feud between you and her when you were young? "

Zac shrugged. Seeing that the girl was righteous and serious with no expressions on her face, it would certainly be very meaningless to settle accounts. "Forget it. I'm generous and I forgive her."

Essie snickered in her heart, and felt like she had settled a debt, which relieved her a lot.

Holy put down his video game equipment, patted on the shoulder of Zac, and said, "brother Zac, you haven't succeeded in getting my sister back. Are you very depressed?"

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