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   Chapter 298 Feeling Of Being Rejected

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"I just want to have a look at Rabi. After all, I carried him inside me for ten months. I missed him so much," Valery said in weak voice.

"You're looking very sane and not mad right now." Zac snorted at her. If not for Rabi's sake, he would never let her live comfortably.

"I took my medicine every day. That's why I get clear-headed." The truth was, Valery wasn't mad at all. She was just pretending to be mad because she was afraid that Zac would punish her.

"Rabi wants nothing to do with you. From now on, stay away from him," Zac warned.

"I understand," Valery answered in a trembling voice.

"Now get out of here," Zac growled at her, which made her run out like a bat out of hell. Her heart was filled with hatred toward Essie. She swore she would make her pay.

By then, Rabi's crying was down to a few sniffles. As a child, he'd be quick to forget stressful events like this. And with Essie's comforting arms around him, his little mind had already thought the danger was out. He was already telling Essie how he'd like to go on a Ferris wheel.

Unbeknownst to the kid, the Ferris wheel had a special meaning to Essie and Zac. It was the place they had dated for the first time. Back then, they were telling themselves it was a fake date but they enjoyed their time together and treasured unforgettable memories from that day.

"Daddy, Mommy, why do other kids live with their parents but I have to live with my grandparents? Can I just live with you?" Rabi asked innocently. His tiny hands cupped his father's face, thinking that Zac would soften up and agree with him as he acted extra soft on him.

Zac clutched the tiny hands on his face as his thoughts raced. He wanted to give the boy a complete family. But the woman in front of him would never think of getting back together with him. He would never beg her to take him back. Unless she apologized and asked him to come back voluntarily, he would keep his distance and this normal they had now.

"You're still very young, Rabi. You need adults' care. When you start going to primary school, you can live with Daddy." He already knew that fighting for Essie would take time.

"When can I start going to primary school?" Rabi blinked his big eyes at Zac. He didn't understand the concept of going to school yet.

"You can go to primary school after kindergarten." Zac's thumb brushed Rabi's cheek gently.

Hearing that, Rabi tilted his head and looked at him in an adorable way. Then he turned his attention to Essie and burst into laughter. He didn't know how long it would take, but he was looking forward to living with his parents soon.

Looking at Rabi, Essie couldn't help but think of her own kids, Mili and Dino. 'Will it be too cruel if I don't let them know who their real father is before they grow up?' she thought. But what if Zac found out and took them away? He had always been bossy and independent. She couldn't let him get everything. She couldn't let her children treat Leila as their mother and live with her.

After Essie got out of the Ferris wheel, she received a call from Jack. The police had found out the suspect who tried to murder Alice. According to the suspect, he was once an employee of Hengyuan Co., Ltd. He was f

gs, and lie to me all the time. He only loves Leila and he doesn't have any feelings for me. He doesn't care about me. I should start remembering this more often, ' Essie thought. From now on, she would place his name under her own personal black list: someone she would not think, not even beg if he was the last person on earth.

When she reached the parking lot of the Emperor Group, she heard a voice from her side. "Essie, is that you?"

She turned towards the voice and saw Walt standing a few paces away with a pleasant smile on his face.

"Walt! Long time no see." Essie tried her best to suppress her anger at Zac and forced a small smile for Walt.

"Did you come to meet Zac?" Walt asked.

"Just some business matters. We're already divorced, so nothing personal," she answered as resentment against Zac bloomed in her chest.

Joy sparkled across Walt's eyes. That sounded like heaven to him.

"Well, that's his loss."

"It doesn't matter to him whether I'm here or not."

Essie smiled bitterly. All he cared about was Leila. She was just the side dish.

"Let's not talk about him, then." Walt shrugged. "There's a ball tonight, I heard. I don't have a date, yet. Would you like to be my date? We can catch up with each other there."

"What?" Essie was shocked at Walt's invitation.

Her stunned silence disappointed Walt. "I'm sorry. I must be too abrupt," he apologized.

"It's fine. I'm going to the ball, too. I also don't have a partner yet." She bit her lower lip.

A smile spread across Walt's handsome face. "I'll pick you up tonight, then."

"Okay." Essie nodded.

Never in his wildest dreams did Zac think that Essie's date would be his brother. When he saw them walking in, her arm on his, he was shocked.

Essie was dressed in an evening dress fit for a queen. Her light makeup complemented her fair features, making her look fresh, beautiful, and regal.

Regret immediately ate at Zac. He had forgotten that if he rejected her, she would be free to go to the ball with another man. He just didn't think it would be his brother she would be coming with. He was insanely jealous of his brother right now.

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