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   Chapter 297 The Mad Woman Was Out

Mystery of Love By Orange Characters: 10134

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Seeing her hesitation, Zac knew that the pajama was designed by herself. This muddle headed woman had always been confident in her fashion taste and design level. Even if someone doubted her, she didn't care. She just pretended that she didn't appreciate it. How could she be so depressed? Was it because...

He couldn't help raising the corners of his mouth unconsciously. "Do you care about my opinion very much?"

"I... I don't. " She lowered her head in a hurry, as if his guess was right, and her long eyelashes covered her sparkling eyes. She didn't understand why, but she cared about his thoughts very much. She didn't care when others doubted her taste and disliked her design. She just hoped... He liked it.

Her evasive look convinced him of something. "I see. You put on your night robe deliberately, and the trick is now covering up. You want me to see your gown inside."

Essie was almost pass out. If he was such a imaginative man, why not to be an screenwriter?

"Don't think too much. I don't care what you think. The nightgown I designed is for girls. It doesn't matter as long as the girls like it."

Zac smiled coldly. "Pajamas can't be worn to go out. The reason why a woman locked up at home and wore pajamas is just to show men, isn't it? The pajamas men don't like are the losers. "

"Anyway, I am not wearing pajamas for you to see." Essie murmured in a low voice, as if talking to herself, but Zac heard it anyway. He frowned and pushed her down on the sofa, with his hands resting on the back of the sofa. He imprisoned her in his arms. "Whom do you want to wear it for?" It sounded like he was interrogating a criminal.

She shivered, and subconsciously stepped back as if she wanted to get into the sofa. He gripped her chin with his big hand to prevent her from escaping. "It's none of your business." She said stubbornly.

He seemed to be irritated and looked extremely gloomy. "Tell me honestly, are you with Hanson in the past three years?"

"So what? Didn't you stay with Leila? " Resentment and dissatisfaction gushed out of her chest, and stimulated her to fight with him fearlessly.

He frowned and his chest thumped heavily. It seemed that there was too much anger in his chest to burst out. He bit his teeth and slowly put down his hand, fearing that he would lose control and crumb her chin in anger. "Aren't you a clean freak? I'm not allowed to touch other women. Are you clean now? "

Such a question made her ashamed and angry. She pushed him away with brute force. "Hanson won't be like you. He will never force me to do anything I don't want to do. We have always been like good friends, and we have never had any extra relationship except friendship."

"Really?" His mood immediately changed from gloomy to warm. His usual frosty countenance suddenly became mild. He just wanted her to belong to him, completely belong to him.

"Believe it or not." She gave him a fierce look and wondered whether she was out of her mind to explain these things to him. Whether he m

car, she immediately sent a message to Valery, which read, "Essie is back and she stole your son. Are you going to continue to pretend to be mad at home?"

She never believed that Valery was mad. Her mental quality was so strong that it was beyond the reach of ordinary people.

In the Children's Park, Essie took Rabi to the children's slide and feed koi fish. The little boy was very happy.

Not far away, a pair of eyes were looking at them secretly. Her eyes were fuming with anger, and her fists were clenched tightly. While Zac went away and washed the apple for Rabi, Valery rushed over and hugged Rabi, who was sitting on the seesaw board.

Seeing that, Essie was frightened for a moment. When she saw clearly who the girl was, she ran to take Rabi back. "Valery, why are you here? Let go of Rabi!"

Rabi was scared of strangers. As soon as he found that somebody was hugging him, he burst into tears. He wrapped his little hands around the neck of Essie tightly and said, "Mommy, help me! Mommy, help me!"

"You're my son. I'm your mother. She's my enemy as well as yours. Don't call her mom." Valery roared.

Rabi didn't understand what she meant at all. As a result, he became more afraid by her roar and cried very loudly.

Seeing that Valery didn't want to let go of Rabi, and that Essie was afraid of hurting her children, she shouted out to Zac.

Zac was washing apples at the edge of the sink and rushed over like hurricane when hearing Essie's voice. He grabbed Valery's collar from behind and lifted her up together with the baby. "Let go of him, or I'll cut your hand."

When Valery heard his cold voice, she kept silent and loosened Rabi's hand in great fear.

Seeing that, Essie hastily took the little boy aside to comfort him.

Zac wanted to slap her several times, but he didn't want to do that when the child was beside him, because he didn't want to scare him. "Valery, if you can't control yourself and want to do harm to others again, I will kill you without hesitation."

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