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   Chapter 290 Compensate Me With Ten Times

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"If you don't take us to see our chairman today, we won't leave." Elizabeth held Mrs. Vicki to sit on the sofa, with an arrogant attitude.

"Cathy, you've been thrown out of the Xu family a long time ago. Why do you come back now? You don't have a damn share of our property." Vicki glared at Pana with resentment.

"The chairman asked Miss Xu to take over the Xu's Group. She is now the acting supervisor of the Xu family. She can decide whether you are willing to it or not. She can only make decisions for the Xu family, including the affairs about the chairman," said Essie.

Vicki turned around. Her face darkened at the sight of Essie. "Why are you here again? What are you doing in Hengyuan?"

"Long time no see, Mrs. Xu. I'm Miss. Xu's special assistant," With a friendly smile on her face, Essie turned to Pana and said, "President, you have an appointment with Mr. Wang on golf. It's time to go." She was trying to get her out of the way so that the two wouldn't pester her.

Getting her hint, Pana stood up and said, "grandma, aunt, I'm going to negotiate business with a client. If you have something to say, you can talk to Essie." After that, she walked out of the room in a hurry without waiting for their response.

"You..." Vicki was so angry that her face turned livid.

"Please come to my office." Essie asked them to go.

With the help of Elizabeth, Vicki went out with her reluctantly. In the next office, Essie ordered her secretary to bring tea to them.

"Why are you still here? You have upset Rong family and now you are messing up our Xu family!" Vicki thumped the table in anger.

"Mrs. Xu, please don't get angry. Take care of yourself." Taking a sip of tea, Essie said in a slow and peaceful tone.

"Cut the crap. Let's meet the chairman in a hurry." Elizabeth rolled her eyes at her impatiently. She was eager to know the condition of Baron now.

"Mrs. Xu, don't worry. The chairman is now in the ICU and is not allowed to visit. When his condition is stable and he is transferred to the general ward, I will arrange for you to visit him." Essie looked at the medicine list of the previous hospital and found that there were nutrition liquids every day, so they didn't treat him. It could be seen that someone didn't want him to wake up at all.

"At least, you have to tell us which hospital he is in, right?" Elizabeth snorted.

"I'm sorry, for Mr. Xu's safety, it's not convenient to tell you before he wakes up." Essie refused coldly.

"I'm his wife, and Mrs. Xu is his mother. Why can't we know that?" Elizabeth slammed her hand on the table and shouted harshly, "I think you have ulterior motives. You want to seize the opportunity to control the chairman of the board and steal the assets of the Xu family."

"As for ulterior motives, it must be you who have it, Mrs. Xu." With a mocking smile on her face, Essie continued, "you've colluded with a lawyer, falsified the chairman's commission. You are the suspect. And about Alice, the police has found out that her brake has been damaged by someone. This is an attempted murder, not an unexpected accident. Inside these things, you are

dly, he put down his chopsticks and squeezed two words overbearingly, "feed me."

She petrified for a while, and then moved her stiff lips away. "Freezing house, how come I find that in the past three years, you are not becoming more mature, but more childish."

You made me do this.

He cast a cold glance at her. "As my lover, you have to serve me. You have no right to complain." His tone was cold.

"……" She took a deep breath and tried to bear it. But in order to solve the cooperation, she picked up a piece of beef with chopsticks and put it to his mouth, then he opened his mouth with satisfaction.

So the meal was over after two hours with the slow pace of spoon feeding.

When they were about to go upstairs, the doorbell rang. The steward pressed the entrance guard video. When he saw that it was Leila, he came to tell Zac.

Zac nodded slightly and the housekeeper opened the door.

In the past three years, without Essie, Leila finally managed to take her place and came back to stand next to Zac. As a frequent visitor to this villa, she came over here very often. She tried every means to make him happy.

"Zac, do you know what I have brought here today?" She raised the cage that was covered with a black cloth in her hand. Leila was supposed to be filled with a bright smile. However, when she saw the person behind Zac, she felt like he was hit by a thunderbolt. As a result, her whole body was twisting violently. "When... When did you come back? "

"Two days ago." Essie replied indifferently, feeling a bit jealous. Needless to ask, they must have been together a lot in the past three years.

Zac walked to Leila. "Let me see what you have brought today." He took off the black cloth from the cage and saw a myna bird in it.

"It... It's great. It talked a lot. " Leila managed to squeeze a smile out of her stiff mouth, trying to control her excitement and avoid being affected by Essie.

"Really?" Zac put the birdcage on the table. It seemed that he was very interested in this myna bird, so he totally forgot the woman standing at the staircase.

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