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   Chapter 289 Zac's Revenge

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Malcolm called and told her the Emperor's request.

Was it what Zac asked her to talk with William? Essie just entered the Xu's Group and had no idea of the development program in Sea City. How should she talk about it? Most importantly, although the position of the president has been taken over, Elizabeth will definitely not give up. She is staring at Essie. If anything goes wrong, Elizabeth will take the opportunity to find trouble, and even incite the directors to stop the president. So she had no choice but to try.

She asked Malcolm to send the cooperation plan to her, so that she could study it and make preparations in the evening. Fortunately, it was William, and they were friends. She didn't know much about building and development, so he would understand and explain to her. If it was someone else, she even didn't know how to deal with it.

The next day, she went to the South Pier as promised. The Secretary of the president office, Chris, was waiting by the dock. When she saw Essie, her eyes were wide open. "Mrs. Essie, why are you here?"

"Long time no see, Chris." Essie smiled in embarrassment and greeted Chris.

"Well... "Mr. William is waiting for you at the yacht." There was a strange look on Chris's face. But Essie didn't tell that. She just nodded and got on the yacht.

The cabin was empty. Essie looked around and found no one inside. She wanted to ask where William was, but found Chris didn't follow her. She had to go upstairs to find William.

There was a man sitting on the chair at the desk. With his back to her, she couldn't see his face and thought that he should be William. So she asked in a low voice, "William, is that you?"

The chair turned around. When she saw the handsome and familiar face, she screamed and quickly realized that she was fooled. She turned around and wanted to escape, but it was too late. The boat had been driven slowly away from the dock, towards the center of the water.

Zac's black eyes squinted, and looked at her slowly, as if he wanted to sketch the figure that had been deeply engraved in his mind again.

She was wearing an office lady suit and more attractive.

He stood up and slowly walked towards her. She was almost unable to breathe under the great pressure. She panicked and stepped back, while he forced her into the cabin step by step, like a ready leopard, and there was no way to escape.

"Long time no see, honey." He lifted the corner of his mouth, a faint smile curved his lips. His hot breath with danger made her cheeks flushed. "I I just come to talk about cooperation. If you don't want to talk about it, I will leave now. "

"Where are you going? Where do you want to go? " His voice suddenly became cold, and a touch of cruelty rose from his cold black eyes. She had escaped for three years, which had made him painful for three years. Every midn

n't you come back all night?"

"To... Amy's place? " She lied and held her collar tightly.

Hanson breathed a sigh of relief. "From now on, you must tell Pana when you go out. Don't let me worry about you."

"Okay." She nodded, "I didn't sleep well yesterday, so I'm a little sleepy. I'll go upstairs and get some sleep." Then she ran into the room quickly.

After changing her clothes, she lied in the massage bathtub of the bathroom, with her mind in a mess.

She didn't expect that she would fall into the trap of Zac just after she came back. Three years ago, her value had been used up, so she was useless to him. Did he insult her like this was to revenge her for running away without permission and damage his arrogant King's dignity? Even if she wanted a divorce, it should be he who mentioned it first. She had no right.

She angrily raised her fist and smashed it on the water. His mother and Elizabeth conspired to destroy her family, which made her complete family fall apart. Now her father was in a coma, and if her sister alive was unknown. These things were all because of them. She was the one who should take revenge. What right did he have?

When she came out of the bathroom, Holy knocked on her door and asked, "Sister, are we going to see daddy this afternoon?"

"Yes." Essie nodded. She had invited the famous brain specialist, Dr. Wang from the medical school to make treatment on her father, and he would come over this afternoon.

She hired eight bodyguards to protect her father in turn twenty-four hours a day. Except Holy, anyone else must be permitted to visit her father.

After doing a detailed examination, Doctor Wang found that there were some bruises in Baron's head, and there was a blood clot in it, which may lead to his dizziness.

"So, Mr. Xu was in a coma not because of the cerebral hemorrhage, but because of a hit on the head?" Essie was shocked.

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