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   Chapter 288 An Unexpected Order

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"That's great, Holy. We can take the Xu's Group back." Said Essie. Essie's eyes lighted up. No wonder Baron was known as a man who had been in the business circle for decades. He was so thoughtful and could think of all possible things.

"Sister, let's go to the company and get Elizabeth out of there." Holy said and clenched his fists.

"Miss Essie, you can't do it in the name of Cathy." Malcolm said.

"Why?" Essie was puzzled.

"The chairman of the board has designated you to run the Xu's Group and you will definitely become the primary target to Elizabeth and her son. The director of the board and Lady Alice have been hurt. Now you are the only one whom young master can rely on. If anything happens to you, nobody can protect him. " Malcolm said.

"Malcolm's thinking makes sense." "Not only Holy, but also Mili and Dot. They are all waiting for you in America. You can't take a risk," Hanson said, wrapping his arms around her shoulders.

"But if I don't show up, how can I take over the Xu's Group?" Essie lowered her eyes.

"I have an idea." Malcolm said with a mysterious look in his eyes.

Three days later, Malcolm and Essie separated their ways.

Malcolm secretly transferred Baron to another hospital with his men in case Elizabeth would hurt him.

And Essie, as well as Holy, took her substitute Pana to attend the general shareholder's meeting. As Alice's comrade in the women special force, Pana was on good terms with Alice, so they were very close friends. After Malcolm told her about Alice's accident, Pana decided to do them the favor and pretended to be Cathy to protect Essie.

At this moment, Elizabeth was filled with joy of victory. Baron was in a coma and Alice might have been dead. Elizabeth thought the Xu's Group must belong to her. Elizabeth had been waiting for the day for more than ten years.

On the right of Elizabeth sat Bles, an illegitimate child of Baron's father, and also one of the major shareholders of the Xu's Group.

Sitting on her left, Vinton's face was a little gloomy. He had thought that he would take the position of the president after his father fell. He didn't expect that his mother wanted to be the chairman herself.

Valery didn't come. Soon after Essie left, the news came that Edgar was cut into a man's stick and thrown into a pig's ring. She was freaked out and hid in the Xu's manor all day long for fear that Zac might make her a people stick as well.

When the host was about to announce that Elizabeth would take over the Xu's Group, Essie, Holy and Pana came in with bodyguards around.

"I have a commission from chairman Baron. During his coma, I will take over the company on his behalf." Pana did as what Essie had taught her.

Elizabeth stood up from her chair. She didn't know Pana, but she knew Essie clearly. Essie had disappeared for three years, and today she even appeared at the shareholder's meeting of the Xu's Group.

"Essie, what are you doing here?"

"Mrs. Elizabeth, long time no see. Today I'm here as Miss Xu's special assistant and spokesperson."

"Miss Xu? Which one? " With a groan, Elizabeth guessed that Alice was almost dead. In the Xu family, there was only one lady, her daughter Valery.

"It's definitely the third daughter of the Xu family, Cathy." Essie declared, stressing

e seemed to be lit up by a little fire and gained his vitality.

He took a deep breath, tidied up his hair ruffled by the wind, and pressed the call button to call the secretary.

"Inform the staff of HENGFA that the newly appointed special assistant of chairman must come in person to discuss the cooperation plan of Sea City's development with President William. Locaton: South Pier. Besides, spread the news that I have gone to Europe and will come back after a week. "

"Yes." The secretary left the office.

He sat down on the bench and turned on the digital photo frame on the table. His body tightened at the sight of her beautiful figure.

He seemed to have cured his hidden diseases. His body was no longer averse to women's touch, but had no interest and feeling at all. She was the only one he wanted.

Do you know what horrible consequences will come to you if you leave your husband behind and force him to sleep alone for more than three years?

He raised his head quickly and drank the remaining wine in his glass. His beautiful eyes narrowed with the evaporation of alcohol, with a hint of dangerous coldness flashing, silent and breathless, like a cheetah set up a trap, stealthily leaning in with prey waiting.

On the other side of Dragon City, Essie had just celebrated today's victory with everyone. She went back to her room and closed the door. The room was so quiet and desolate, like every night in the past three years.

After she came back to Dragon City, she felt more dejected. It might be because Mili and Dot were not around, or there were too many memories she wanted to forget here.

Many changes had taken place here in the past three years.

Rabi finally regained his health after the cardiac surgery. Eva had become a fervent idol because of the War Emperor. Summer 100 Degree did not decline due to her leaving, but became more and more popular. After all, there were also three shareholders as Zac, Walt and Eva. Amy and Jacy were respectively the chief designer of men's and women's clothes, which had been continuing her style.

What was Zac doing now?

She thought of him unconsciously.

Did he have a new partner? Or was he still with Leila?

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