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   Chapter 287 The Baby Was Born

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Half a year later, in New York

A beautiful woman lounged on a soft leather bench in a luxurious villa in the Upper East Side. The sunshine felt warm on her pale skin as the garden soothed her mood with its calming scent.

Her hand strayed to her belly, unconsciously caressing her bump. And just like that, her mind flashbacked to Dragon City Hospital six months ago.

"Doctor Li, please do me a favor and tell the people outside that I lost my child."


"Someone wanted my baby dead. They won't stop until they kill my baby."

"Okay, but you have to be careful. You can't hide the truth from them for long. You're almost two months pregnant now. Soon, your belly will start to show."

"A penny for your thoughts?" A voice interrupted her thoughts.

"Hanson!" Essie smiled.

"You're about to give birth any second now. Of course, I have to come here and get front row seats." Hanson smiled. Shortly after Essie arrived in America, Alice shared her whereabouts with Hanson. In Alice's opinion, Hanson was better for her younger sister than Zac.

Essie sat up and was about to stand when a sharp pain emanated from her stomach. She cried out and fell back in her seat.

"What's wrong?" Hanson asked.

"My belly hurts," she answered as she cupped her hands over her belly.

"Are you about to give birth now? Let me take you to the hospital." Hanson lifted and carried her in his arms before hurriedly walking out of the garden.

Soon, they reached the hospital.

Essie's grip on Hanson's hand could almost crush his bones. The pain came from everywhere and it was taking all of her not to pass out. In the past six months, Essie tried hard to restrain herself from missing Zac. But she was a weak person. Every moment, a part of her longed to be in Zac's arms. Their memories together haunted her like a ghost. When she was awake, she would always mistake people to be him, thinking he was around. When she was asleep, he would always be in her dreams. She couldn't get rid of him at all.

And at this time, she couldn't help but wish that it was him she would get to share this precious moment with.

"Mrs. Xia, come on. The kids will come out soon," said the doctor. In New York, Essie and Hanson pretended to be a couple to avoid their neighbors' prying questions. Behind closed doors, Essie had clearly told Hanson that they would never get back together again. She was a married woman. She didn't deserve the love and attention he had been giving her.

But Hanson never thought of giving up. Many things had changed but not his feelings for her. At that moment, it felt like he was more nervous than her. Her pained cry felt like thousands of knives stabbing his heart.

After three hours of grueling labor, the delivery room was filled with the loud cries of two bouncing babies.

"A boy and a girl! Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Xia," the midwife said with a smile.

With tears and sweat streaming down her face, Essie took a look at her babies and fainted.

After a day, she woke up and saw her two beautiful babies in the crib. They look pale and delicate. After breastfeeding them, she put the little angels to sleep.

Beside her, Hanson hummed a lullaby as he looked at them wit

without anyone knowing.

"Malcolm, are there any new updates about my sister?" The past few days were hard for Essie. She was very worried about her sister, Alice. She could only hope that Alice got out of the car on time before her car sank.

"Jack has been in City A. He told us that the police had sent people to search the seas but didn't find a trace of Alice." Malcolm frowned at this. His heart clenched with the knowledge that Alice was more than just his boss.

Holy lowered his head and clenched his fist. His chest filled with hatred and anger. He wanted to get even with Elizabeth and drive her out of the Xu family.

"Essie, when I first came to America, Dad took me to the bank and showed me a safe box. He told me that if something happened, I should take you there and take the documents out of the safe box."

Shocked, Essie asked Malcolm to turn the car around and go to the bank first.

Holy took off his necklace and it wasn't until then that Essie realized that the pendant was actually a micro seal.

The bank manager checked the seal and took them to their private safe.

The safe automatically opened after completing three levels of security checks, which included a password, fingerprint, pupils.

Essie took out the documents and quickly left with Holy.

When they arrived at Hanson's villa in Dragon City, she opened the folder which carried the documents. It was Baron's last will and letter of authorization.

It seemed that Baron was prepared for what Elizabeth would do.

In the will, he divided his fortune into several parts. Forty percent of the shares he owned would be inherited by Holy. Ten percent would go to Alice and eight percent would go to Cathy.

The Xu family villa would be inherited by all three of them. The rest of his assets and overseas investment properties would be handed over to Alice. His real estate and funds would be distributed equally among four children.

If Baron had an accident, the will would not take in effect for Holy until he reached the legal age of 18. All his shares and assets would be managed by Alice and Cathy, his legal guardians, for the time being.

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