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   Chapter 285 I Lost Our Child

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Lucy called her and told her that she and Bob had arrived at the Dragon City and stayed in the InterContinental Hotel.

Essie hurried over to them. As soon as she entered the room, Lucy took her by the hand and placed a piece of newspaper from the Dragon City Evening Paper in front of her. On the front page, it said, 'Centaury General Report, a beautiful designer is married to the richest man'.

"Didn't you say that Zac comes from an ordinary family? Why did she become a member of the Rong family? "

"I didn't know who he was until recently. He did not tell me when we got married." Essie stammered to explain. She wanted to hide this from them, but she didn't expect that they would see the news so soon.

"Is he Mary's son?" Lucy's eyes flashed with anger.

Essie nodded. She could see her mother's gloomy face.

Hearing that, Lucy was trembling in extreme fury and clenched her fists tightly. In a hurry, Bob held her into his arms. "Please calm down, you've just had the operation. Please don't get angry again."

"Surgery?" "Mom, what's wrong with you? Are you not feeling well?" Essie asked worriedly.

"Don't worry. I just have a myoma of uterus, and it will be okay to perform the laparoscopic hysterectomy surgery to remove it. But..." Bob sighed.

"Just what?" Essie asked.

"The doctor found that your mother had been ligatured many years ago. I suppose it was during your delivery that the doctor did it without letting her know," Bob said.

"Asshole --" Essie roared furiously again, having an impulse to kill the bastard. She shouted, "Mom, do you remember the doctor? Let's get even with him!"

"Your father and I have asked in the hospital. She died in a car accident fifteen years ago," Lucy said.

"She was likely killed to keep the secret." With a sneer, Essie knew who had done that, needless to ask.

"Essie." Lucy grasped her hand and said, "You can't be with Mary's son. She is a devil and she will not treat you well."

"Mom." Hearing that, Essie lowered her head. It was true that Mary didn't treat her well and wanted her to be expelled from the Rong family.

Looking at her depressed face, Lucy knew that she was right. "Essie, do you know that it was she who introduced Elizabeth to your father and set up your father for her? At that time, Elizabeth was penniless and not powerful, so she couldn't turn over at all. If she hadn't helped her secretly, how could she successfully enter our Xu family and be wanton. She was not afraid of any danger? And she could even bribed the doctor to ligate me so that I could never be pregnant again! I think she is not only an accomplice of Elizabeth, but also a collusion." After she heard the news in the hospital, all the hatred she had hidden for years were stirred up. This time, she came here in order to take her daughter away.

"Why did she do that?" Essie asked in shock.

"She is a narrow-minded person who will seek revenge for the smallest grievance." Lucy could not help but grit her teeth. She didn't want his daughter to know too much about the conflict between the members of the prior generation. She said, "Essie, Mary is our enemy, and you can't be together with the son of the enemy. You

at her parents had come, and that she didn't want them to know his true identity for the moment, he dismissed the bodyguards. He didn't expect that this accident would happen so soon.

The door of the emergency room opened. He pushed away Hanson's hand and rushed to Director Li. "How is my wife?"

"The mother is fine, but the baby is gone," Director Li said with regret.

A sudden loud bang came to Zac's brain. It was like a bolt exploded violently in his brain. Every cell in his brain was burnt and destroyed. The baby is gone? His baby was gone? He held his head with his hands and sat on the ground limply. A heat wave rushed into his eyes. His lung wrung, his organs throbbed, and his chest seemed to turn out a furnace of molten iron. Every nerve was so hot that he felt a sharp pain.

How could his child be gone? How could it be lost?

He punched the wall with anger and then continued punching until his knuckles were bleeding. He was full of anger, and he would definitely pull out the person who killed his child and feed him to the dogs.

Jacy and Amy rushed over and pulled him away. "Brother-in-law, you and sister Yi are still young. You will have another child in the future."

"That will depend on if Essie would forgive him or not," Hanson said in a low voice. His cold words were like a pair of cruel hands, which pushed Zac into the abyss.

Because of the paternity test, Essie had been indifferent for many days. Except for the word 'divorce', she did not say anything else to him. Now that the child was gone, it was equal to the last bond between them broke, and their marriage was empty.

In the ward, Essie was awake. She put her hand on her belly and stared at the ceiling with empty and dull eyes, as if all the colors had been taken away.

With red eyes, Zac stared at her with an expression of apology, uneasiness and flinch. "Sorry, my little fool, sorry..." He kept telling her that he failed to protect her and their child.

She turned around and gave him a cold glance. "Zac, what are you sad about? Anyway, you already have a child. It doesn't matter if you have my child or not."

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