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   Chapter 283 Premature Birth (Part One)

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The door of the operating room was finally opened. Due to the premature delivery, the baby was not in a good condition. Valery had to put the baby in the incubator for observation.

When the nurse came out with an incubator, Essie walked over and looked at the boy through the incubator wall. The boy was so small, like a cat.

Although she didn't know if he was related to Zac by blood, she knew the boy was related to her by blood because she was his aunt.

No matter how bad Valery was, the child was innocent. She hoped that everything would be fine with him.

When they got back, Zac checked out the surveillance video. He was totally pissed off when he saw that Valery pushed the Essie. He just wanted to rush into the hospital and strangle her. Anyway, since the child was born, he didn't need to worry about her at all.

"I will ask the hospital to do a paternity test tomorrow."

Essie nodded. There was a smile on her face when Valery and her mother knew the result that the baby was not Zac's, as if she could bring her great joy after she gave them a fatal blow.

Zac reached out his hand and gently touched her belly. "My dear wife, you have to accompany me all my life. You can't break your promise."

"I will tell you after I see the identification report." Hearing that, Essie could not help but curl her mouth. In a word, black and white could be used as a proof.

Lying on the back of the sofa, Zac touched the back of his head with both hands and said, "Anyway, the baby will be raised by me and he will live with us. Can you accept that?"

Instead of answering her question, she unfolded the screen and read the child's pet name on it. Then she said, "Let's name the b

the most when someone tried to put forward conditions to him. But he had been tolerating it for nine months. He didn't mind another two months. This child must live well.

"What is it?" He uttered between his teeth.

An imperceptible sinister and insidious smile climbed up the corners of Valery's mouth. Although she didn't know the reason, she knew very well that he cared about the child, which was the weakness she could take advantage of.

"First, you can't reveal the result of the paternity test before the operation, especially don't let Essie know. If she knows the identity of the child, I would rather die than transfuse blood to him. Second, I will stay in the Rong Mansion for sitting the month after I give birth. You should take good care of me and treat me as your wife."

There was a tinge of cold light flashed through Zac's eyes. He didn't mind waiting two more months. It was just...

After a long silence, he said coldly, "Okay, I promise you."

In the villa, Essie was waiting for him to come back with the paternity test report. Upon hearing the footsteps outside, Essie immediately walked up to him.

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