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   Chapter 282 The Truth Was Brought To Light (Part Two)

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Both Abel and Alena were very happy.

With a foxy smile on her face, Mary replied gloomily, "Aren't you guys have been on birth control all the time?"

"Grandpa and grandma hope to have a great grandson as soon as possible. Then Essie and I did not make and control for it," Zac said, with a smile at the corners of his mouth.

'Gosh, she was designed by this big liar, ' thought Essie.

Wearing a very sullen face, Valery glared at the flat belly of Essie and wished that she could stab into it.

Then Essie raised her hand to protect her belly. For the past few days, because of Mandy's lies, the baby had already been frightened. She couldn't let it be disturbed by such a vicious gaze.

Mary took a sip of tea and said slowly, "aunt Bonney chose a date in February next year. At that time, Essie was pregnant with a huge belly. It was not good for her to hold the wedding ceremony if she was pregnant. Would she hold the wedding after the baby was born?"

"That's a question." Nodding, Alena said, "The wedding will be held this year, but it's not good to hold the wedding this year. We can only hold it after the baby is born."

Zac put his arm around Essie's shoulders and said, "It doesn't matter. Let's hold a wedding ceremony and spend our honeymoon together with our baby."

"Okay." Essie nodded with a smile.

The servant brought the newly picked orange to the table. It was Zac who peeled one for Essie. Seeing that she ate it with a good appetite, he scraped her nose with great affection. "You used to be afraid of sour. You didn't eat sour at all. But now you are particular craving about sour food."

Hearing that, Alena smiled so happily that she narrowed her eyes and said,

and cried painfully. Then she passed out.

Essie called people in a panic and then she called 911.

The ambulance arrived soon and sent Valery to the hospital.

"Oh my God! She was bleeding heavily. Will she die?" Sage's face turned pale out of fear. She worried that Elizabeth would get even with her.

Zac was in a serious expression. He didn't care about what happened to Valery. He only wanted to make sure that her child was fine.

"How did she fall down the stairs?" Mary asked with a frown.

"At that time, only she was there. You can ask her." Sage pointed at Essie. After being slapped in the face twice last time, she dared not to lie again.

Essie rolled her eyes and said, "I don't know. I was walking ahead and somehow she fell down. But there are surveillance cameras in the lobby. You will know the reason when you look into it." She didn't say that it was Valery who pushed her. She wanted them to see the truth.

Mary's face darkened when she heard Essie's words. Of course she would check. Didn't ever think that she was pregnant now, and she couldn't do whatever she wanted. She had ways to punish her.

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