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   Chapter 268 She Never Give Up Until She Drive Essie Away (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-03-08 00:22

"I have told you that no woman in this world is qualified to be my wife except Essie. You have no choice but to accept it. My father, grandfather and grandmother love Essie very much, and she has been recognized by our family. Your opinion can be ignored." Finishing his words, Zac turned around and was about to leave. But he was stopped by Mary. "Zac, I have to make it clear today. If you don't divorce her, I won't be your mother anymore."

"Mommy, grandma came to me yesterday. She said she liked her granddaughter-in-law very much. If I was bad to her and made her lose this granddaughter-in-law, she would break off the relationship with me. Do you want to force me to break off the relationship with Grandma by letting me make a choice?" Mary was stunned by his words. He was quick to response. He didn't make a direct choice but tried to suppress her with Alena's words. As Mary was still the daughter-in-law of Alena for so many years and she hadn't become a real hostess, in this family, Alena and Abel were the most powerful. What they said was the royal decree, and no one dared to disobey it.

"Don't worry. I will talk to your grandmother." A lack of confidence could be seen in Mary's eyes. After the fake monk made a fuss in the temple the day before yesterday, Alena was very disgusted with it. Now, if she went to say it again, it was possible to make her angry. But in order to drive away the little tramp, she tried her best. After all, it was a rare excuse, and she couldn't miss it.

After leaving the room, Zac didn't go back to his room, but went to Alena's to give her some advance notice.

." The confident look on Valery's face was evident.

Thinking about this, Essie snorted in her heart. It was hard to say whether the child's surname was Rong or not. Looking at the ambiguous and unpredictable attitude of Zac, it was highly possible.

"Are you innocent or are you a fool? If he married you for the sake of the baby, he would have been married you long time ago. Why does he come to Yang City to hide himself?"

"At that time, the baby was not born and he didn't have deep feelings for him. When the child was born, he got along with Zac day and night and had a deep relationship with his father, Zac would do everything for the baby, including marrying me." Said Valery with great certainty.

"Dream is a beautiful thing, but reality is a bony thing. I advise you not to think too much, or you will be brutally hurt when the reality drags you." Essie smirked again.

"You'd better worry about yourself first. Or you will have to pack up the whole thing and get out of the house of the Rong family tomorrow." Then she turned around and left the studio.

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