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   Chapter 267 She Never Give Up Until She Drive Essie Away (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-03-08 00:12

The old man with white beard said, "I not only read your birth date, but also looked at the place of birth. I figured that you must be born on the main road to the nine provinces, where the two rivers met. This is the place of reincarnation of the heavenly fiend."

"Master, where is the main road to the nine provinces and the place where the two rivers meet?" Essie asked again.

"Jiang City." The elder with white beard said.

"That means the one must be born in Jiang City and born in the same date as mine, right?"

"Of course." The old man with white beard was very sure.

Essie sat down next to Alena and said, "master, do you want to figure out by yourself or you can go online and check the date I told you in lunar calendar before?"

"What?" The old man with white beard quivered, and a hint of panic appeared on his face, but he quickly calmed down. "I am clear about it in my heart, don't worry about it."

"You don't know, do you?" Essie let out a sneer and said in a cold voice, "I made up the date at my will. The year I told you was in 1961 and I hadn't been born at that time. Besides, though I grew up in Jiang City, I'm not born there. The person who gave you money let you talk nonsense seems to know little about me."

The old man's face suddenly turned as red as a turkey cock. Seeing that he was brought to light, Valery was afraid of being suspected. She widened her eyes and pretended to be confused. "What are you talking about? I don't understand."

"It doesn't matter if you don't understand. The master will understand." There was a mockery in her voice.

Hearing this, Mary sta

"Really?" Zac raised her eyebrows, and said with doubts, "since I took her home, you've been picky and made all kinds of complaints. You not only intentionally take Valery home to stimulate her, but also made Cherry and Jenny appear to destroy our relationship. If you're dissatisfied with her in any way, you can tell me. If not, I'll think that you're making trouble out of nothing."

The corners of Mary's mouth twitched. She hated to see Essie's face, because Essie was like the one she hated most. But how could she say something like that? She couldn't even speak a word.

"I'm your mother. I've done everything for your good. Can't you just listen to me for once?"

If you really care about me, you should have been nice to Essie in these days. You should have let our life live peacefully, but you have caused a lot of things to destroy our relationship from time to time. " Zac said in a sharp tone.

"She will bring you bad luck. She'll do harm to you." "I can take a step back. As long as you and Essie get divorced, I will agree to your marriage with anyone."

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