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   Chapter 264 Deliberately Making Difficulties (Part One)

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The next morning, Zac's grandfather Abel and grandmother Alena arrived at the Rong Mansion.

All the servants were led by the housekeeper to stand in two rows outside and waited, while the children and grandchildren were standing in front of the gate of the mansion. The scene was extremely solemn.

As soon as they entered the yard, their eyes fell on their baby grandson, Zac, and then their grandson's wife.

"Grandpa, grandma, this is Essie." Zac introduced Essie to his grandparents.

"Hello, Grandpa and grandma." Essie smiled and said politely. She had met Abel and Alena when she was a child. She also played golf and rode with them. So many years had passed, and they didn't change a lot. They were still in good spirits.

"Good girl." Abel and Alena smiled kindly. They seemed to have a nice first impression of Essie.

As a new member of the Rong family, Essie should knelt down and made tea for them when she met them for the first time. But Marry didn't arrange it. Drinking the tea from the granddaughter-in-law represented the acceptance of the old granny. Mary didn't want to see that it would be so easy for Essie to get through.

"They haven't had the wedding. It's not appropriate for Essie to offer the tea. We will ask Essie to serve tea to you and dad after the wedding." Mary explained.

The old lady kept smiling, but she secretly furrowed her brows. "Although the wedding hasn't been held yet, since they have already got the marriage certificate, Essie is already the granddaughter-in-law of our family."

Taking over her words, Abel said, "we just came back to have a cup of tea from our granddaughter-in-law."

"Right, right. Sister-in-law, you can be flexible as long as

e was tolerant and decent. Alena took a sip of tea and said slowly, "there is the law. The family has its rules. You can change some things in form, but you can't break the rules. You can't mess up the wife and mistress." Although the Rong family allowed mistresses to appear, Alena didn't like this kind of group. This was one of the reasons why the mistresses who had entered the family were all defeated and driven away by the wife.

Sally immediately echoed, "yes, you're right."

"I'm sorry for the slip of tongue. I'll watch out from now on." Mary immediately explained. In fact, it was not a slip of tongue. She just said it on purpose. No matter whether Alena admitted it or not, in her heart, Valery's child was her eldest grandson.

After that, Abel and Alena went upstairs to have a rest, while others went their own business.

Seeing that Essie didn't troubled by Abel and Alena, Mary was very uncomfortable. It was even harder to get rid of Essie in case that they took Essie's side. Mary must try to destroy her good impression on Abel and Alena.

"Essie, will you hold a family dinner?" Mary walked to Essie and asked.

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