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   Chapter 262 She Was Almost Died (Part One)

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In the hospital, Essie was lying on the bed in a coma. Although her life was out of danger now, the doctor said that she had a weak will to live. It was unknown when she would wake up.

Zac had stayed by her side for three days and nights. He was gaunt and tired. His hair was messy, and his eyes were dark. His chin was covered with stubble. The moment he saw her jump down, he collapsed and the fire of life seemed to be extinguished with her.

"Idiot, haven't you heard me? You weren't bullied by any bad guy; that guy was me; you are still a whole; you are only a fool to me. As long as you wake up, I can promise you anything. If you don't like Valery, I will send her back to the Xu family right away, and I won't make you angry any more... " His eyes were glistening with tears. He gripped her hand tightly on his face and kept talking to her. He knew that she was afraid to wake up. It was all his fault. He didn't protect her well so that the bad guy had a chance to hurt her.

"Boss." A man in black walked in. "We have interrogated Mandy and she said that she was also drugged. It was a man named Todd. He was an assistant chief of the hotel restaurant. Mandy said that Todd was her fan. When learning that she was in Dragon City and happened to live in the hotel where he was working, he took the opportunity to drug the wine he brought to her. We've checked that. The night when Mandy was taken to another room, she was... " The man in black stopped. Zac knew what he meant. "Do you catch Todd?"

"On the evening of the next day after the accident, Todd was hit to death by a car on his way home. As for the driver, he ran awa

more difficult to know her whereabouts in the future.

She sniffed, then cried and laughed.

'Oh my God! My brain must have been short cut in the past two days. I even almost died because of a mistake.' Essie thought.

But it was a heavy blow to her.

Although she was a strong and optimistic person, she also had a fatal weakness: beauty. She liked to contact with two people, one was beautiful and the other was kind.

The ugly people, both in appearance and in mind, were her greatest taboo. She had always been avoiding them. One could be not beautiful, but his or her soul must be beautiful. The fat pig was not only ugly, but also obscene. His lewd smile at her made her sick.

At the thought of being tortured by that bastard, she really didn't have the courage to live on.

"Essie." The corners of Zac's mouth turned into a grim expression. "Now swear to me that no matter what happens in the future, you will never have the thinking of suicide."

She nodded desperately. "I swear, I will never do that again." She wouldn't allow such a bad thing to happen to her again.

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