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   Chapter 259 Destroy This Woman (Part One)

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Not until the next morning did Zac come back to Rong Mansion.

Valery had been waiting for him like a crazy woman. The moment she saw him, she rushed up to him.

"Zac? What are you doing? Why do you come back so late?"

Zac threw the smashed phone onto the tea table. "Don't call me again if you have nothing else to do, in case I destroy a good phone."

"You promised me that you would take good care of me," said Valery with a cold voice. She mumbled. She was afraid he would forget about it.

"Don't worry, as long as you behave yourself, I will keep my promise," Zac said coldly and went upstairs.

A dash of hate flashed through her eyes. 'It's not easy for me to win this battle once. I can't let Essie get back at me in this way, ' she thought.

After thinking for a while, she picked up her phone and called Mandy.

At this time, there was no one in the living room. She looked around and confirmed again. Then she began to communicate with Mandy recklessly, and finally was elated to add a voice message: this time the little fox is definitely over.

When she sent the message, Walt just came down from the stairs. Hearing this, he frowned.

A little fox? He did not have to guess to know whom she referred to.

He walked downstairs and deliberately touched the cup on the table when passing by the coffee table. With a loud bang, the cup was poured on the tea table and the juice ran to Valery's skirt.

"I'm sorry, Valery. I didn't mean it." He apologized.

"It is okay." Valery asked Sage to hold her to the washroom at once, but she was so hurried that she even forgot to take her phone. Taking the opportunity, Walt picke

oon." Mandy lowered her head, pretending to be shy. As a popular anchorwoman of Yang City satellite TV, she was so beautiful that there were a lot of men who chased after her. However, none of them was as good as Zac. They were not as handsome, rich or excellent as him. She had a very tricky taste in love because of him. Unless there was another man who was as excellent as him, she would never fall in love with him.

"You don't have to be so picky about love. Fate is something that can't be missed. You can't have it back once you missed it," Essie exclaimed.

"Just like you and Hanson? You used to love him with all your heart and even willing to die for him. But you changed your mind all of a sudden and fell in love with Zac, " Mandy poked her forehead with a hint of mockery in her eyes.

Essie lowered her eyes, on which two shadows of gloom could be seen. Her thick eyelashes went down on her white eyelids. She had been separated from Hanson not because she didn't cherish fate, but because of the prank of fate. The two people went away from each other, and they could never go back.

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