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   Chapter 254 Leave Alone

Mystery of Love By Orange Characters: 10008

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Zac held his head in his hands in frustration. Maybe he was too careless that he overlooked Essie's feelings. Sure, he knew her as tough and tenacious. But she was also under a lot of pressure that she might have buckled underneath the weight of it all. "How about you move into the villa so Valery couldn't disturb you?"

His words cut through her heart like sharp knives. He wanted her to move out alone while Valery could stay in the Rong Mansion with him.

Zac was truly temperamental and moody. It had only been one day and he had completely changed.

But she couldn't fault him for choosing Valery over her. After all, his child was his own flesh and blood. His wife, on the other hand, was something he could change as he pleased, especially a substitute one at that.

She clenched her teeth and managed to squeeze out a few words. "Okay. That's it then." She stood up and started to pack her things up.

Zac sighed heavily. "You don't have to do it right away. Let's have dinner first."

"I've lost my appetite. Go and take care of your Valery. Don't worry about me," she said angrily as she threw her clothes from her closet into her suitcase.

Zac stood nearby at a loss as he watched her pack her belongings like she wouldn't be back anymore. His heart clenched at the sight.

"I'll take you back after Valery gives birth to the baby," he said weakly.

"It's better for us to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get a divorce," she said, her words heavy with anger.

As if pushed by her words to his limit, he rushed to her and wrapped his arms around her from behind. "Essie, I will keep my promise. So please, keep yours, too."

She snorted. "Let's wait and see. If you break your promise, the only thing you'll still be getting is my body." Intense hatred burned in her eyes.

He was trembling from fear of losing her and it was consuming everything that he was. He had been feeling the pressure and it had been driving him insane. But he had no choice but to push through this. He had survived the last six months. He could do three more. Right?

She removed his hands on her body and walked out of their room, her suitcase in tow.

Downstairs, Mary saw Essie all ready to leave. "Where are you going?"

"I'll be staying at the villa for a few days," Essie replied indifferently. Mary didn't bother to reply, but Essie knew how overjoyed she must be.

"You're leaving because you're upset with me, aren't you?" Valery asked. Her expression looked sad and aggrieved, but inside, she was rejoicing. Essie was leaving on her own. Zac didn't come with her. This only went to show that he cared more about Valery and her baby.

"It's none of your business." Essie didn't need to explain herself to Valery. She went straight to the door, ignoring even Zac who followed her on her way out.

In the car, she maintained her silence. Zac kept on throwing worried glances at her.

When the car stopped in front of the villa, the butler and servants came out

City. But two more rivals popped out of nowhere. And worse, they were both from rich families.

"I broke up with Hanson a long time ago. We're just friends now," Essie said. "We've competed with each other for so long but neither of us won. Are you a little disappointed?"

"Who said no one won? I'll be marrying Hanson pretty soon," Sunny said stubbornly.

"I heard he had canceled his engagement to you." Essie smirked at Sunny.

"Those are baseless rumors. Our relationship is going strong." Sunny narrowed her eyes at Essie. She would never admit defeat in front of Essie.

"It doesn't matter. Of course, you'd know better than I do. No matter what, I wish you a good marriage ahead of you." Essie's smirk turned into a soft smile before she left Sunny.

But Sunny couldn't just let Essie go so easily. She could definitely see how she could use Essie to eliminate Christina.

After leaving the crystal store, Sunny called Hanson, who was having afternoon tea with Christina. When he heard Essie was back in Yang City, Hanson rushed out of the tea shop, telling Christina he had an urgent matter to attend to.

The tea shop they were in was not too far from the Rainbow Sky Business Street, where Essie and her cousin were last spotted.

When Essie saw Hanson coming towards her, she felt stressed. There were too many reunions happening today. First, it was her rival. Then came her first love.

"Hanson, what are you doing here?" she asked in a low voice.

"I was just passing by and I thought I saw someone who looked like you. I didn't expect to see you," Hanson said. It was a lame excuse, though. "When did you get back to Yang City?"

"I arrived this afternoon," Essie replied.

Finney knew that Hanson was Essie's first love. So she decided to give them more time to catch up with one another. Before she left them, she gave them a tip. "There's a cafe nearby. It would be much more comfortable for you two to catch up there. I'll just go and shop around."

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