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   Chapter 252 An Unsolved Problem

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Valery felt so depressed that she almost fainted. She had thought that she would save her love, Purple Love, for the sake of self-appreciation. But she didn't expect that she would give it to someone else so easily.

Sensing something was wrong, Mary tried to lighten the atmosphere. "Valery and Essie used to get along very well with each other in Rong family. They are like sisters. In Valery's absence, Essie missed her very much. She also told me that she wanted to visit her in the Xu family."

Elizabeth added immediately, "Yes, you are right. My daughter, Valery, said that Essie was very nice to her during her stay in the Rong family. So, I have to give her a gift."

Of course, Baron took the hint and sighed, "Albert, you have a good daughter-in-law."

"Zac has always been a rebellious king since he was a child. I can't interfere with his affairs any more. If I interfere too much, he would run away from home, and he won't come back again. So he can do whatever he wants." Patting his shoulder, Albert turned his tone, "Something is predestined. No one can predict the future, in the end, we might still be relatives by marriage." Her words sounded ambiguous and intriguing.

Upon hearing this, Valery felt happy and thought that her future father-in-law had accepted her as her daughter-in-law.

Both Essie and Zac thought that he was comforting Baron to prevent him from being embarrassed, so they didn't take it seriously.

Baron thought so, too. He waved his hand and said, "Valery doesn't have the luck to do that. If Cathy still..." He stopped and didn't continue. Ever since he met Essie at Holy's birthday party, he thought of his other daughter now and then.

Hearing what he had said, Essie couldn't help clenching her fists under the table cloth.

"Dad, why did you mention her? She was thrown out of the house, and she was no longer a member of our Xu family anymore," Valery shouted angrily at her father as he mentioned Cathy in front of her.

"Nonsense. Cathy was never thrown out of the Xu family. She just chose to live with her mother. She will always be a member of our family, my daughter, your sister." Baron said with certainty.

"Daddy is right. Kinship is a mystery. It can't be severed by anything. Cathy will get back to the Xu family someday in the future." Alice chipped in.

At this moment, Essie's internal organs were twisting into a ball, and all kinds of sour, sweet and bitter feelings crowed her chest. But she did not show any emotions, as if she were wearing a mask, and her face was only gentle and quiet. Only her eyes were darker and darker than the night outside the window.

Elizabeth didn't want to waste her time on them. Whether Cathy would came back or not didn't make a difference to her. She wasn't a boy, and she had no right to fight against Vinton for property.

Holding the glass in his hand, Albert clinked glasses with Baron and said, "Cathy was a nice girl. She's smarter than other kids. Now she's grown up and more or less has a problem with her. She'll go home when she's solved."

He was afraid that she couldn't untie it. Baron heaved a sigh, raised his head and took a sip.


arther and farther. I'm the only one that can stay in your mind now. Everyone else can be ignored."

Thinking of this, Essie sighed and felt sad for no reason. She wondered what made him hate the childhood self so much. If he knew who she was, would he divorce her without hesitation and not even allow her to be a substitute?

She took off both rings and put them on the night stand. Then she took a shower to calm herself down.

There was nothing else to do. Zac picked up the ring in his hand and played with it. He carefully compared the two rings, and a sharp cold light suddenly flashed through his eyes.

When Essie came out from the bathroom again, he quickly drew her to him and said, "You silly fool, Neither of these two rings is the Purple Love. They are all fake diamonds. Have you been cheated by Valery?"

"Really?" Essie took them over and asked, "But why didn't I find anything different?"

"Of course you can't tell, you have no experience." Zac stroke her head.

"You sounded like you are very experienced. Although Purple Love is yours, there are no devices here. Is there something wrong with the naked eye?" She pouted.

Zac thought that she was worried that if she didn't find Purple Love, she would be blamed by his mother. So he put his arm around her shoulder and comforted, "Don't worry. Mommy doesn't know the truth now. We're secretly looking for it. I'm sure we will find it." The man who dared to steal something from the Rong family was doomed to lose his life! His eyes were glaring with cruelty.

"Oh, gosh, maybe you have mis-evaluated it. It needs a device to identify the real diamond and fake diamond. If the real diamond can be seen with the naked eye, then why does the appraiser need to do?" She took a closer look at the diamond ring in her hand and took out the other one. "This one is bright and shiny. It must be true."

Zac smiled and shook his head. "My great grandfather started his business with jewelry. He made a rule that every inheritor must be capable of identifying a jewelry. Therefore, even without any tools, I can tell if it's true or false."

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