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   Chapter 251 The Real And False Diamond Rings

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Zac didn't show up at the party with his father, because he had to go back to Essie's studio and pick up the Purple Love.

Hearing this, Albert frowned and looked at Mary. Something passed his eyes.

Mary didn't say anything. She was determined. She wouldn't buy her son more time to look for the Purple Love. It was a good opportunity to drive Essie away. She wouldn't miss it.

When Zac and Essie arrived at the door of the hotel, they happened to see Elizabeth and her daughter getting off the car.

With a traditional long dress and a pair of lace gloves, Essie looked noble and elegant. When Valery saw that, she was very jealous, pouting her lips. Then she fixed her eyes on Essie's gloves and said, "you even wore a pair of gloves. The gloves are just trying to cover up the truth."

"It won't be long before the show begins." Elizabeth just smiled coldly and shut her mouth immediately when she saw that Baron's car also driving in. Instead of coming with Elizabeth, Baron came here from the company with his daughter Alice. They happened to see each other downstairs.

"Why do you take her here? Don't you feel ashamed? " After getting off the car, Baron just let out a cold hum. He really hoped that he had never had such a shameless daughter like Valery.

"There are the only two families here today. As the half daughter-in-law of the Rong family, of course, she has to come. Besides, even in public, our daughter, Valery, can be here and she is still the victim. You should blame Zac " Elizabeth pouted and said with conviction.

"A daughter was like her mother, which is true." With an ironic smile on his face, Baron took Alice to walk away. He didn't want to be entangled with Elizabeth and her daughter anymore. He had given up the idea of protecting his daughter, because she had nothing like him at all.

Hearing his words, Elizabeth's face turned pale. It was not only scolding her daughter, but also mocking her. She had won the position of the hostess, but she also lost the respect of Baron.

At this moment, Vinton called and said, "I have an appointment and will not attend the party tonight."

"You unfilial son!" After hanging up the phone, Elizabeth cursed harshly. She was exasperated at the fact that her son failed to live up to her expectations. If Vinton could work harder, Alice would not be able to replace him as the vice CEO.

At the entrance of the hotel, after greeting to Elizabeth and her daughter, Essie and Zac walked towards Baron and Alice.

It was the second time for Baron to meet Essie, but Baron felt like he had known Essie for a long time.

He sighed, "Miss Essie really looks like Cathy. She's about the same age as Cathy."

Alice shrugged. An indescribable complicated look appeared on her face. "It's a pity that she isn't."

Baron didn't answer her, and his eyes grew dim. Yes, if Essie was Cathy, how could she change her name and don

ng that Albert didn't say anything, Mary kept silent herself. She didn't want to be blamed for this. After all, it was Essie who lost the heirloom of the Rong family, so Essie had to be punished.

A look of complacency showed on Valery's face, as she thought she had won. However, Elizabeth suddenly felt a little uneasy for she was a cunning fox. Just now, Essie's words had clearly pointed at her daughter. It seemed that Albert had treated her daughter as a thief when Elizabeth looked at him.

Just when she was about to defend her daughter, the door of the box opened and a man came in. He was Dean, the servant of the Xu family. "Miss, you have left the ring at home. Mrs. Vicki asked me to bring it to you as quickly as possible." He carefully held the ring in front of Valery. All the people present saw clearly that this ring was exactly the same as the one on Essie's finger.

"Isn't this my Purple Love? How could it be..." She paused on purpose. She had mentioned that the ring was lost shortly after Valery left. Now that it was in the hand of the servant of the Xu family, was it necessary to tell the truth?

Valery's face was as red as a tomato. She had put the ring in the safe box, but how the servant got it and brought it to her?

Elizabeth was as embarrassed as Valery. She felt humiliated. But she didn't show it on her face. With a calm look, she picked up the ring from the servant, and handed it to Essie. "You're wrong, Essie. This is not your Purple Love. It's a gift prepared by Valery for you. She asked the jewelry store to make it for you. I didn't expect that it is designed in the same style as Purple Love."

"Really?" Hearing that, Essie was a little surprised, but she didn't want to argue with them anymore. Instead, she took over the ring and said, "I'm sorry, Valery. It was my fault. This ring is very beautiful. Thank you very much. You're my best friend." Then she put it on the other hand.

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