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   Chapter 246 What Are You Afraid Of

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Essie nodded, not knowing what she meant.

"Shut up!" "Don't you know who Walt is? How could the young master of Rong family show up in public like this? "

Essie snorted secretly, thinking that her mother-in-law was indeed a troublemaker. Recently, she couldn't make trouble on Essie then she turned to Essie's store.

"Mommy, it's Walt's own decision. If you don't think it's appropriate, you can ask him to resign from the position of the spokesperson." Then she shrugged, with no expression on her face.

"Since it is about your studio, you should make it clear to Walt. After all, I am an outsider." Although she had seen what happened in the garden with her own eyes, she couldn't just speak it out to her eldest son, or he would be rebellious. Her younger son had a conflict with her because of this little tramp, so she couldn't fall out with her elder son.

"Then what reason should I tell him? Can I just tell him directly that you don't agree?" Essie asked on purpose. In her opinion, her mother-in-law wanted to alienate her from Walt, making her another enemy at home.

"You can tell him that his status is not suitable to show up in public. He is the president of the financial company, which is affiliated to Rong's group. How would the employees think of him if he becomes a spokesman?" Said Mary.

But in Essie's heart, she was sneering. Mary wanted to stop Walt as a villain, but she didn't want to get her hands dirty, and let her daughter-in-law to be the scapegoat for her.

"Your concerns are reasonable. I will discuss with Walt and let him make a decision for himself. After all, he is not only the spokesperson of Summer 100 Degree, but also one of the shareholders. I can't make the decision alone." Essie said slowly.

"Do it as soon as possible." Mary said and walked out. She didn't hope that Essie would persuade Walt successfully. However, she had other plans.

Essie sighed. Looking at the tough way of her mother-in-law, she wouldn't stop if Essie didn't change the spokesperson. However, the exclusive store had just opened, and the publicity of the micro movies had already reached the depths of people's hearts. The male wear brand Spring 100 Degree used the glorious image of the president of a big company and became the overlord way that no other middle-class brands had. It was highly welcomed by white collars and new rich people in the city. If she abruptly changed the spokesperson to someone else, even if it was a super star or a super male model, it would not be more effective than Walt, the great CEO.

The moment Zac came back, he saw her sitting on the balcony with a sad face and sighing.

"Honey, what's wrong?" He held her in his arms.

"Frozen guy, if your brother doesn't act as the spokesperson, who can replace him?"

"Is Walt over enthusiastic to be the spokesperson?" Zac frowned.

"No, it's not. It is mommy who don't think it's a good idea." Essie then added, "actually, Mommy's concern is reasonable. After all, your brother is the CEO of the company and a son of a rich and powerful family. It's not appropriate for him to show up in public. But n

sighed heavily and said, "Icy guy, you're uncertain and moody. As your wife, I am so worried. Is this the saying that being with the emperor like accompanying a tiger?"

It seemed that the woman had no idea why he was angry. His anger hit on the cotton wall again, and he was deeply hurt.

The woman's brain was like a sieve. She had saved the affair of Hanson very clearly, so she could get rid of all her husband's affairs.

He flicked her forehead hard as a punishment.

"Ouch!" She felt wronged.

"I have to flick your forehead harder, then you can understand why I am angry." He snorted and picked up the phone. He wrote a pile of words and sent it to her. "Remember all of them. I will check it at night. If you make a mistake, I will flick your forehead."

Looking down at the file, she was petrified. It was his file in detail about what he liked and what he didn't like.

Now she knew the reason why the man lost his temper. He was very likely to get angry with her when she told Ivy about Hanson's habits.

Some cunning torment flashed through her eyes like meteors, "frozen haws, they are not detailed enough. There are only things you like and dislike. What about others? What are you afraid of?"

Zac's deep eyes flickered. He had always been fearless. Even if someone held a gun against his head, he remained calm. But now there was something that made him scared, he was afraid of losing her.

But he didn't want her to know that since she had no place for him in her heart and didn't care about him at all, he didn't want her to make fun of him.

"What am I afraid of? I haven't thought of it yet." He replied faintly.

How is that possible?

It was human to have his weakness. No matter how powerful people were, they also had something to be afraid of.

It must be this guy who was reluctant to tell.

"Are you afraid of cockroaches?" She covered her mouth and snickered.

He turned his eyes and looked at her in a very strange look, as if she was a alien from Mars. She stuck out her tongue and rolled her eyes. "Are you afraid of mouse?"

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